Hindu Temple in Illinois holds 12th Anniversary of idols’ installation


Hundreds of devotees attended the twelfth anniversary celebrations to mark the installation of the idols at the Hindu Temple of Lake County, Grayslake, IL held over two days – June 22 and 23.

Homam rituals being performed by Pundit Anil Joshi, at the Hindu Mandir of Lake County’s 12th anniversry celebrations for the installation of idols held June 22 and 23, 2019. Photo Hindu Mandir of Lake County)

In Hinduism, the 12th year signifies completion of Maha Kumbha cycle, organizers noted in a press release. The Punar Sthapana Puja and Homam were performed with the chanting of Vedic hymns, mantras, and rituals “to revitalize and seek energies and spiritual vibrations for all the Pran Pratishtha deities and the temple complex to purify our material and spiritual well-being as we seek to receive blessings of the Gods,” the press release said.

Hundreds of devotees attended the 12th anniversary of idols’ installation at the Hindu Temple in Lake County, Grayslake, Illinois. Many rituals were performed during the course to two days of celebrations June 22 and 23. (Photos: Hindu Mandir of Lake County, Illinois)

On June 22 morning, the program began with Lord Ganesh puja, Samohika Sankalpam, Kalash Sthapana, and Raksha Sutra followed by the Dhwaja Pujan, Shobha Yatra (Parikrama) of Kalash and Dhwaja around the temple. The Dhwajarohan (Flag hoisting) and Sthapana of Kalash at the Yagna area were performed.

Three Homams that represented Vishnu, Shiva, and Shakti Swaroopams were led by Pundit Ganesh, Yogesh Pandey, and Pundit Anil Joshi. Later in the afternoon, a Samohika Satyanarayana puja was performed for the welfare and prosperity of the temple, community, all the devotees and every living creature in the universe. At the end, all the devotees with the temple priests recited Hanuman Chalisa for inner and outer peace and amity.

On 23rd, the morning began with the Poorvanga pujas, Sankalpam, and Homam rituals for bringing Kalashas into the shrine and their Punar Sthapana followed by the performance of Kumbha Abhishekam of Sarva Devata and Usthava Murties, Alankaram, Nevedam, and Archanas. In the afternoon, Sankalpam was performed for the Samohika Sundarkanda by Ajay Yagnik.

Maha Prasadam was served by the temple on both days to all the devotees.



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