HindiUSA holds nationwide celebrations of India’s 75th Republic Day

A large number of students, teachers, volunteers and parents attended the recent celebration of India’s 75th Republic Day at the Edison, NJ, HindiUSA school. Photo: Provided by Raj Mittal @ HindiUSA.

More than 4,000 students and 500 volunteers of HindiUSA’s 26 Hindi Schools in the U.S. celebrated India’s 75th Republic Day on January 26th  with patriotic and cultural programs at each school.

“It was heartening to see such a large turnout at our Edison school which is the largest one, and also at each of the other schools,” said Raj Mittal, Vice President and Treasurer of HindiUSA, to News India Times. He said that HindiUSA has been celebrating India’s Republic Day for years, with parent attendees increasing in number, but this year’s attendance was remarkable, he said.

More than 500 viewers attended the celebrations at each school, chief among which were the Hindi Schools in Edison, Cherry Hill, Woodbridge, South Brunswick, Plainsboro, North Brunswick, East Brunswick, and Holmdel in New Jersey. Other participating Hindi Schools included the Wilton and Stanford Hindi Schools in Connecticut, the Northborough and Avon Hindi Schools in Massachusetts, St. Louise Hindi School in Missouri, and schools in other states.

HindiUSA’s North Brunswick, NJ, Hindi School’s students and teachers performed various patriotic and cultural programs amidst thematic decorations to mark the event during its recent India’s Republic Day celebrations. Photo:
Provided by Raj Mittal @ HindiUSA.

The highlight of the celebrations was the singing of the Indian and the American national anthems, ‘Jana Gana Mana Adhinayak’ and ‘Star Spangled Banner’ at each celebration. This was followed by an explanation and history of India’s Republic Day by teachers, and activities by the students which included performances of plays, recitations of poems and other activities with patriotic themes. Patriotic fervor reigned during these celebrations.

Mittal said, “The students were really interested in knowing the difference between India’s Indpenedence Day and its Republic Day and the history of its freedom.”  “We have begun community participation now and invite the local political officials who have also begun to appreciate India’s political and cultural history,” he said.

Among those who attended were also the local Board of Education officers and local political and community dignitaries. The unifying civic and social effects of HindiUSA schools were appreciated by all the schools, with special commendations for bringing communities together in the U.S. and for imparting and evoking knowledge and pride in India’s cultural heritage.

Established in 2001, HindiUSA has been promoting Hindi language and Indian cultural heritage among the young in the U.S. Beginning with 2 students, the organization has more than 4,000 students and more than 350 volunteer teachers. Many of its 500 graduates have joined the organization’s pool of teachers at HindiUSA’s 27 schools nationwide.

“Our mission is to teach our younger generation our common language, Hindi, and educate them bring awareness of our cultural traditions,” Mittal said, adding that HindiUSA has accomplished this on a large scale, and looks forward to doing much more.




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