‘Hiccups and Hookups’ trailer explores unorthodox relationships as the new normal

‘Hiccups and Hookups’ Bollywood movie. Photo Twitter @LaraDutta

The makers of the much-awaited show ‘Hiccups and Hookups’ have released a quirky, fun-filled trailer on Monday.

The modern show, featuring Lara Dutta Bhupathi, Prateik Babbar and Shinnova, unravels the lives of an unusual family breaking stereotypes and redefining the idea of family. The two and a half minute trailer opens with Prateik’s character Akhil, volunteering to make his older sister Vasudha’s (Lara) profile on a dating app.

The third member of this family is Vasudha’s teenage daughter Kavanya, essayed by Shinnova.

The trailer gives glimpses to the fun, vulnerable and intimate aspects of the lives of Vasudha, Akhil and Kavanya, who live under the same roof and have each other’s backs. However, their shenanigans will make eyebrows rise.

In the show, Vasudha is rediscovering life post-separation at 40. Navigating through the tough terrains of dating as a woman in her 40s, she is trying to be sexually adventurous for the first time in her life.

Talking about her character Lara revealed, “I had a whale of a time essaying Vasudha on-screen. Playing the lead who is 40 on screen is an empowering feeling. The fact that Lionsgate Play chose to tell the story of a 40-year-old woman and highlight subjects that are taboo or otherwise don’t find a voice, was exciting for me to delve into. There are many layers to Vasudha’s character and she is highly relatable because of the kind of situations and scenarios she finds herself in. I am keen to see how the viewers react to our show.”

Prateik plays Akhil, the CEO of a dating app who is a cool cucumber. But underneath the cool exterior, he too has his tussle with emotions.

Talking about his role, Prateik shared, “Akhil was a lot of fun to play. He is an entrepreneur who struck gold with his start-up and wants to engage in relationships which don’t come with the permanence tag.”

Shinnova’s character is that of Lara’s daughter, a girl who believes in living on her own terms. Coming to terms with her parents’ break up, the teenager is gauging her equation with her parents while she goes through understanding sex and the transition into being an adult.

There are no filters in this family and that’s how they like it. ‘Hiccups and Hookups’ is directed by Kunal Kohli and will stream on Lionsgate Play from November 26.



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