Hanumantha Rao Narra’s 911 call after finding bodies of his wife, son released

Hanumantha Rao Narra with Sasikala Nara and Anish Narra.

NEW YORK: “They both have blood everywhere,” says Hanumantha Rao Narra, in a 911 call he made, after finding the bodies of his wife, Sasikala Narra, 38, and son, Anish Narra, 6, at home on the night of March 23rd, shortly after 9 p.m., when he came home from an office party, and made the gruesome discovery at the Fox Meadow Apartments in Maple Shade, New Jersey.

An audio of the call was released by the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office on April 3rd, and put out by Philly.com. A link to the audio is at the end of this post.

In the audio, Narra speaks in a clear, even voice to the dispatcher who picked up his call, and answers coherently to her questions and responds to what she says, but in between the conversations, one can hear him crying and moaning loudly, as if in shock and shivering with cold.

Narra explains, “I just came from office. I have no idea,” when he’s asked about the bleeding, and where Sasikala and Anish are bleeding from. He says he found both the bodies in a bed.

Autopsy reports later revealed that both Sasikala and Anish died from brutal, repeated stab wounds to their face and hands. No charges have been made so far. No arrests have been made in the case.

“Yes, they are bleeding. I have no idea. They are not moving at all,” says Hanumantha Rao Narra.

He also adds: “I am so scared. I did not even want to look at all,” when he’s further questioned about his wife and son’s condition.

The dispatcher also transfers Narra’s call to another dispatcher and explained, “There’s no weapons, there’s nothing. But he’s saying that they’re not breathing and there’s blood everywhere, and he doesn’t know what happened to them.”

The second dispatcher asked Narra about his wife’s and son’s conditions.

“I feel like they both are dead,” Narra told the dispatcher, who then asked whether Narra could do CPR. He also revealed that a neighbor was at home, with him, as the dispatcher tells him, “hold on for one second, ok, don’t hang up.”

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Contrary to a report in the New Indian Express, Hanumantha Rao Narra was not barred by the New Jersey police or the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office from leaving the United States, to attend the last rites of wife and son.

“We are not restricting Hanumantha Rao Narra from traveling,” said Joel Bewley, the Public Information Officer, Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office, speaking to News India Times.

Bewley also said in his comments that no charges and arrests have been made in the double homicide case.

“There are no arrests, no charges in the case,” said Bewley, who didn’t want to get into the specifics of any developments in the case which is being investigated by law enforcement officers in the Maple Shade Police Department and the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office.

The New Indian Express reported that the bodies of Sasikala Narra and Anish Narra were cremated on Sunday, in Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh.

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Sasikala Narra’s parents have alleged that Hanumantha Rao Narra has an extramarital affair with another woman in New Jersey, and his marriage with their daughter had broken down.

CBS Philly in an earlier report confirmed that Hanumantha Rao Narra was having an affair with a woman.

“A source involved in the investigation confirms to Eyewitness News that Hanumanthu Narra was involved in a relationship with another woman as of last week, but has a strong alibi,” reported CBS Philly.

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It’s the 12the day since the shocking murders of Sasikala Narra and Anish Narra. The family of the victims and the community deserve answers as to the progress of the case.

Hear the audio of Hanumantha Narra’s call to 911: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/new_jersey/hanu-narra-sasikala-anish-jersey-india-telugu.html



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