Haley dwells on Indian background, lauds Trump foreign policy, calls Democrats ‘socialist’

Nikki Haley addressing GOP convention Aug. 24, 2020. Photo: videograb from live coverage

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations lauded President Trump for a bold pro-Israel foreign policy and for ending the Iran nuclear deal.

She also repeated the theme of the Republican National Convention which has labeled the Democrats as ‘socialists’ who would be a disaster for the country.

Haley, who has been relatively low key over the months since she quit as Ambassador to the UN, is still one of the rising stars of the Republican Party, with her name being bandied about as a vice presidential candidate in the future.

At her prime time speech on the first day of the Republican Convention’s Haley harked back to the words of President Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy advisor and Ambassador to the United Nations, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, who said in 1984, “Democrats always blame America first.” In contrast, she said, “Donald Trump has always put America first.”

Haley described the Obama- Biden White House a “failed administration.”

While she was the United Nations Ambassador, Haley said, the “toughest” sanctions against North Korea were passed.

And President Trump “did the right thing” when he “ripped up” the Iran deal secured by President Obama with the participation of several other European countries.

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden is “a godsend” to leaders at the UN because he is weak and a failure, Haley said. President Trump on the other hand, has been “tough on China” and “took on ISIS and won.”

“The Democrats say America is racist,” Haley said, “This is personal to me.” But she conceded her life growing up in South Carolina as a ‘brown girl’ was not easy.

“I am the daughter of Indian immigrants,” she said, noting that her father wore a turban and her mother a sari. “I was a brown girl and life was not all easy,” Haley conceded. Yet, she noted, she went on to become the Governor of South Carolina.

During her years as Governor of South Carolina, Haley said her state got the name “Beast of the southeast,” because of the businesses and jobs she brought there, all the while fighting the policies of the Obama-Biden administration.

“Their vision for America is Socialism,” Haley said echoing the theme of the evening. “Joe Biden and a Socialist left would be a disaster” for the economy, she said.

Haley also recounted one of the seminal steps she took, contrary to the current Trump administration. She removed the Confederate flag from the grounds of the State House, a radical decision that raised her cache, in the face of strong criticism from the right.

When she was Governor, Haley said, “We came face to face with evil” – when a white supremacist came into a black church and began shooting. Nine black parishioners were killed in Charlotte. “Together we removed a divisive symbol peacefully …” Haley said.






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