Gulshan Devaiah stars in Therapy Sherapy, a series focusing on mental health

Gulshan Devaiah and Neha Dhupia star in Therapy Sherapy, a series on mental health. Photo: Hardly Anonymous PR

Gulshan Devaiah and Neha Dhupia are set to share the screen for the first time in the upcoming web series, Therapy Sherapy. As the title suggests, the project delves into the realm of mental health, providing a unique narrative in the form of a web series. It promises to showcase a new facet of the actor’s talent while exploring the nuanced aspects of mental well-being.

The shooting of Therapy Sherapy is currently underway, shrouded in a veil of secrecy to maintain the suspense surrounding the plot.

Gulshan said, “I think if every family can become a safe space for its members, then a lot of the troubles we have in this world will disappear. People will be happier and more content. This story is about an average middle-income family and it brings to light the things I mentioned above. I’m looking forward to people slowly and steadily making their homes and families a safe space to nurture each other. The world can be a much better place and we must start this at home.”



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