Guardians… director James Gunn inspired by Hindi music, would like to work with NTR Jr.

James Gunn is highly inspired by Hindi film music and would love to work with NTR Jr. Photo: Universal Communications

The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise has, through the years, have been known for their misfit characters and the music playlists. In a recent interview with an Indian publication, director James Gunn revealed that he indeed has taken inspiration for music from Hindi movies. “I am inspired a 1000 percent!” he said.

The director said that he loves Hindi movies as they are all about art, and they are also all about entertainment. There are no rules about what a movie has to be, it could be a lot of different things and that’s true about the Guardians… movies.

The third and final installment from Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Guardians of the Galaxy releases on May 5 in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. In the same recent interview, James also stated that he wishes to work with NTR Jr.

The director was asked if he could introduce an Indian actor into the Guardians universe, who it would be. He replied that he would love to work with “The guy from RRR with all the tigers coming out of the cage and everything.” He also added that NTR Jr. was “amazing” and “cool” in the film.

This statement is a testament to the growing popularity of Indian cinema on a global scale and the impact it is having on international audiences.





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