Grammys 2023: Cardi B stuns in Gaurav Gupta couture, Raj Kapoor produces the extravaganza


Los Angeles : Renowned singer and performer Cardi B earned global acclaim for the gown she sported on the red carpet at The Grammys Feb. 6, 2023, as she arrived wearing Indian designer Gaurav Gupta’s surreal, sculpture-like couture in electric blue! And Indian-American Raj Kapoor again produced a visually stunning show as Producer of The Grammys, working behind the scenes with his team.

Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta creation for Cardi B who wore it at the Grammys red carpet Feb 6, 2023. Photo: Twitter @gg_studio

The stunning Gaurav Gupta gown featured pleated structural features that swirled and ebbed and flowed from her shoulders, over her waist and all the way to the top of her head. The unique dress also featured a sleek skirt and a dramatic train.

Cardi B has not been nominated for an award this year but she was presenting one.
The dress was a classic Gaurav Gupta masterpiece.

This is not the first time Cardi B and Gaurav Gupta have collaborated. She wore his design in her music video ‘No Love.’

In an endless field of poppy, Cardi B represented the element of ‘air’ in the ‘Gaurav Gupta Amorphous Shapeshifter Sculptural Outfit’. The brand’s indigenous sculpting technique transformed into infinite shapes, which brought her cosmic character to life in the video.
At the Grammys, this year’s award show was hosted by Trevor Noah.

Raj Kapoor Productions

The person behind The Grammys show was Producer Raj Kapoor who had also handled the production of the extravaganza in 2022.

Raj Kapoor, executive producer of The Grammy Awards 2022. photo:

Last year, News India Times had featured Raj Kapoor ( name appears after the show is over and credits roll by.

The creativity and imaginative work of Kapoor as director and producer of shows like Grammys, has been evident on stages around the world, says He may not have millions of followers on Twitter but he brings those millions to the stars whose shows he produces.

Like last year when Kapoor was featured in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine on the eve of The Grammy’s, this year, the Indian American gave Forbes an interview about the show a week before it took place.

On Jan. 30, 2023, Kapoor was featured in Forbes, talking about how he changes the format of the show year after year. And how it has changed even during his 12-year association with it.

“From booking talent to accommodating requests for resources to scheduling rehearsals and so much more, creating music’s biggest night is no easy task,” notes the Forbes article. In the interview, Kapoor describes himself as a “big Grammys nerd.”

And he detailed how his team has had to bring creative solutions with every new challenge including the Covid pandemic. “Our mission is to continually evolve and change the show. We don’t want the show to be the same every year. We want to tell different stories,” Kapoor told Forbes. “Our underlying mission statement is it’s not just about music, it’s not just about awards–it’s about storytelling and the way that we help humanize artists and make them feel in our space and this community that we are building,” Kapoor added.

A Rolling Stone interview of Kapoor done before the Grammys last year on April 3, 2022, shows the high-stakes producer striving for perfectionism that he and the whole team behind the scenes and the performers put into making the show one of the greatest.

“I’m always so proud because this is one of the best shows on television. It’s also because we have one of the best production teams … over a thousand people working on the show are literally the best in the business,” Kapoor told Rolling Stone in the video available on the Web. “As soon as the show is done, we are putting the people on hold for the next year,” he added. Kapoor describes the most meticulous planning and extraordinary efficiency of crews who have to keep changing sets and doing sound checks behind the stage, a place he thinks is more exciting.

Raj Kapoor Productions is the name his company goes by.

It is described on the website as a “full service production company offering outstanding creative direction and design for the television and live entertainment industry.”

Some of Kapoor’s biggest television credits include the 2 most recent Academy Awards, the 7 most recent Grammys, ACMs, AMA’s, American Idol, The Beatles Grammy Special, Billboards, CMAs, Dancing with The Stars, Disneyland 60, Emmys, Greatest Hits, iHeart Radio Music Awards, RDMA’s, Sinatra 100 Grammy Special, The Voice, Xfactor and XQ Super School Live, the company website details.



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