GOP says Asian Americans turning out vote for President Trump

Asian Pacific Americans for Trump Advisory Board Member Ron Falconi led a Forty-Five and Freedom Meet Up and had a huge turnout with the Filipino American community in Ohio. (Photo courtesy Republican National Committee)

The Republican National Committee says Asian Pacific Americans are showing up to turn out the vote for President Trump.

The Aug. 5, 2020 press release from RNC’s Communications department includes images of videoconferences held around the country featuring Asian Americans.

The group, Trump Victory, hosted two days of ‘Asian Pacific American Meet Ups’ across the country where events centered around the themes of, “The Story of Us” and “Forty Five and Freedom.”

“The Story of Us” Meet Up “allows Asian Pacific Americans to share their journeys of escaping socialist and communist regimes to pursue the American Dream, organizers said. Similar to this, the “Forty-Five and Freedom” events spotlight President Trump’s accomplishments, “to defend and preserve freedom.”

Both meet ups share the importance of voter registration with a focus on the Asian Pacific American community.

According to studies on voting patterns done by AAPI Data and Pew Research in 2018, AAPI voters are increasingly leaning Democratic.  Asian Americans, who are the fastest growing among major racial or ethnic groups, (72 percent between 2000 and 2015)  tend to be majority Democratic, hovering above 60 percent. “In the 2018 election, 77 percent of AAPI voters supported a Democratic House candidate,” reported based on CNN exit polls.

“Hosting ‘Forty-Five and Freedom’ and ‘The Story of Us Meet-ups’ are always a pleasure as I’ve never seen so much excitement and enthusiasm as we do now among Asian Pacific Americans, for the re-election of President Trump,” Herman Martir, Advisory Board Member for Asian Pacific Americans for Trump, is quoted saying in the press release.







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