Global NRI Forum holds meet Dr. R.S. Praveen Kumar IPS (Rtd.)

The Chicago meet and greet event, hosts Bindhu Gongati and Saireddy Gongati with chief guest Dr. R.S. Praveen Kumar IPS (Rtd.), Aug. 26, 2022. Photo: Asian Media USA

Saireddy Gongati and Bindhu Gongati of the Global NRI Forum in Chicagoland, hosted a meet-and-greet August 28, 2022, in Palatine, Ill., for retired officer of the Indian Police Service Dr. R.S. Praveen Kumar to share his vision and take suggestions and Q&As from non-resident Indians.

A veteran of IPS where he served for 17 years, Kumar became a Secretary for Social Welfare Schools for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states for 9 years.

At the meet-and-greet, Kumar shared his experience of visiting Dubai, where people without education live difficult lives, and contrasted it with lives in the U.S. People who came to the USA from social welfare schools have a good life, he said, and added,  “I would bring at least 1 lac students (100,000) from poor and underprivilegAted families to the USA in the future.”

Dr. R.S. Praveen Kumar IPS (Rtd) addressing a meet and greet event August 26, 2022, with Chicago area NRIs August 26, 2022. Photo: Asian Media USA

He also recounted Telangana’s experience with liquor consumption noting that it ranks 2nd among states for high consumption in India because of the government shops in every village, “and liquor became so cheap and easy access to buy on every corner that young people became drunkards.”

According to Kumar, the economic situation in Telangana was not good and investment in poor people is lacking, and questioned the inequality in wealth.

During his service as secretary, Kumar claimed he changed many students’ lives by introducing several innovative programs such as film schools, sports schools, coding schools, and sending children to foreign countries for the greater exposure, where he helped many students to achieve their dreams. He was able to achieve all these with significantly less budget in his hands, he said.

He requested NRIs to give their ideas and get involved in programs that can help uplift the underprivileged and give them a better life by providing better access to education.

Representatives from the different organizations such as Global NRI Forum: Roy Manthena, Venkat Maroju, Saireddy Gongati, and Bindhu Gongati, TTA: Rama Krishna and team, CAA: President Malathi Damaraju and Padmakar Damaraju and NATS: Emmanuel Neela and team participated in the meeting and committed to join hands with his vision.



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