Global Healing Day observed in NYC with interfaith prayers

Global Healing Day being observed by numerous faith leaders meeting recently in Queens, NYC. PHOTO: organizers

The 8th Global Healing Day was observed and celebrated recently in New York, with representatives from different faiths offering prayers collectively. The theme of this year’s Global Healing Day was “Humanity First” and the meeting took place at St. John’s University in Queens, NYC.

“New York resonated with chanting of Vande mataram,” organizers said in a press release.

The day of celebrations included  prayers of all religious faiths under the guidance and leadership of Yoga Guru Shri Krishna Kanta Mishra of Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Senior Pastor Molendyno Moxey of the New Covenant Community Church-NYC said, “This is a good attempt to give priority to humanity.”

Krishna Guruji said the one-ness of humanity was part of all religions. The eternal truth in the ancient Sanatan faith of Hindus says ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbukam’ (the world is one family); Sikhs call it, Ek Omkaar (One Aumkaar) ; Muslims say ‘Sabka maalik ek’ (Everyone’s master is one) and Christians say that ‘God is one.’

Several faiths were represented at the recent Global Healing Day celebrated in Queens, NYC. PHOTO: courtesy organizers

All attendees, in their own mother tongue, and as per their faith, offered prayer, Dua, ardaas and praarthana.

The event concluded with singing of the “Star – Spangled Banner”  and “Vande Maataram” performed like a duet.

Among those present were Krishnan Rangarajan of the Awakening Humanity Foundation and Neeta Jain of the Democratic Party.

Jaya Lakshmi of Seattle conducted the whole event seamlessly, organizers said. Vandana Kumar of New York gave the vote of thanks.



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