Gathering of Indian Americans endorses Tom Suozzi as a ‘commonsense’ candidate for Congress.

A gathering of Indian Americans recently endorsed the candidacy of Tom Suozzi for Congress from New York. PHOTO: Courtesy organizers

A group of Indian Americans met recently at the Santoor Restaurant in Floral Park, Queens, New York, to show their support Tom Suozzi in his re-election campaign for Congress.

“The Indian community has always admired Mr. Suozzi for standing up for issues that our community has cared for, and this gathering strongly reflects those feelings,” Koshy Thomas, one of the leading organizers of the event, is quoted saying in a press release.

In his address, Suozzi thanked those gathered for their support and said, “The Indian American community truly understood the importance of voting, particularly in this special election.” He assured them he would continue the work of bringing people together to resolve many thorny issues, including the border crisis.

Those attending the event see Suozzi “as a middle-of-the-road politician who is keenly aware of the issues an average citizen is concerned about, such as rising crime, inflation, the need for better schools for the next generation, and creating jobs for the new graduates,” issues they believe are marginalized by both far-left and far-right policies that are highlighted and garner the most attention.

Candidate for Congress Tom Suozzi being introduced by organizers of a meeting of Indian Americans. PHOTO: Courtesy organizers

Raju Abraham, one of the event organizers, applauded Suozzi for his stand on principles and said, “Tom is a strong advocate for consensus building and who will be able to bring together various factions for necessary compromises that will end the paralysis in Washington and take the nation forward.”

George Abraham, an avid Suozzi supporter, urged the community to come out and vote and send a message to Washington that Congress should make policies to improve people’s lives, not disrupt them. “Whether dealing with increasing crime in the neighborhoods or fighting inflation at gas pumps, we need politicians who use common sense,” Abraham said, adding, “That is where Tom Suozzi truly stands out from others. He truly believes that every American should have the same right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. If someone is out there to destroy that American dream, they should be held accountable”



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