Ganesh Chathurti celebrated in unique way by HSS Charlotte


On Aug. 20, families in Charlotte, North Carolina enjoyed creating their own eco-friendly Ganesh murtis as part of a Ganesh Chathurti event held by the Charlotte chapter of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh.

The “Make Your Own Ganesh Murti” program started with the traditional Deep Prajwalan (Lamp Lighting) and the recital of the Ganesh vandana (Vakra Thunda sloka) which was led by children under the ages of seven.


A presentation was shown to educate the parents about HSS and how, with its 150 chapters across the United States, is trying to keep the next generation of Hindu children connected to their roots through its weekly gatherings called Balagokulams/Shakas wherein the entire family can participate in different activities like yoga, games, slokas, stories and more.

The Ganesha Pancharatnam, a song in praise of Lord Ganesha, was sung by Balagokulam kids but the highlight of the program was the workshop on how to make the Ganesh idol.


The organizers planned the workshop meticulously and gave detailed instructions as to how to make the idol at the time of registration, including what kind of clay is used for making the idol and how to make markings on the idol; the session was led by HSS volunteer Manju Dogre and was completed within the hour.

The murtis were then decorated with colors and everyone performed a puja and offered Prasad to their Ganesh murtis.



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