Future of photography inevitably linked with video: Atul Kasbekar

Mumbai: Fashion photographer Atul Kasbekar during Times of India Sports Awards 2017 in Mumbai on March 20, 2017. (Photo: IANS)

NEW DELHI – Ace photographer Atul Kasbekar says the future of photography is linked with videos and it would be difficult for aspiring ones to be at the top by just shooting still photography.

“I think the future of photography is inevitably linked with video. It would be difficult to shoot just stills and be at the top unless it happen to be a prodigal talent. For example it’s a known fact that the wedding photographers today are making a fantastic living as opposed to what they say a decade ago,” Kasbekar told IANS over an email.

He also says that key as a photographer is “what you do with your depth of knowledge”.

“What you have read, experienced, experimented comes to fore when you create an image,” he said.

The photographer is currently working on the 2019 edition of Kingfisher calender. Featuring four top models, the calendar in its 17th edition is a lifestyle property from the King of Good Times.

This year’s calendar will feature an ensemble with south Indian actress Shubra Aiyappa, Sushrii Mishraa – beauty queen from Orissa, supermodel Diva Dhawan and Hayley Parr from the UK who flew to the exotic Island of “Sardinia” to shoot for it.

“Our edition is shot in Sardinia, an Italian island in the Mediterranean. The images reflect the beauty of the island which is a quiet getaway for all kinds of people. From the super wealthy in Porto Cervo to the rustic beauty of its smaller inland villages,” said Kasbekar.

His job takes him to lot of places so as a photographer, what are his favourite things to do while travelling?

“I’ve long since tuned off on shopping, clubbing and taking in the night spots. Before getting anywhere, I’ll inevitably read on Google enough about the place or speak with others who might have been there. If one connects with locals there is always a restaurant/or an experience that’s not common to tourists.

“My shopping is now almost totally restricted to local food produce for example from Sardinia I brought back some local pecorino and ham,” he said.



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