From the Last Meal to Kathaah@8, here are unique, off-beat titles from the Global Content Festival that you can watch on ZEE5 Global


~ Gear up to watch some of the unique titles presented by the Global Content Festival winners in 2021, exclusively available on ZEE5 Global ~

What if you had access to unique, off-beat stories which are exclusive and meaningful? Well, ZEE5 Global, the largest streaming platform for South Asian content, has it all for you from its Global Content Festival. Aiming at eliminating linguistic, cultural, and geographical boundaries, the ‘Global Content Festival’, launched in 2021, has given many independent filmmakers a chance to showcase their work on a global platform with an audience across 190+ countries. After receiving a gamut of entries from countries like Australia, Bangladesh, Netherlands, India, Dubai, the UK, the USA and more, Singapore-based independent filmmaker Shilpa K Shukla emerged as the Global Content Festival winner with her film Kathaah@8. If you are keen on watching such exclusive content, here is the list of the best content from the Global Content Festival 2021 that you should  watch on ZEE5 Global:

Title: GRAY

Language: Hindi

Filmmaker: Preet

Synopsis: The story narrates a tale of a woman who loves her husband but has come to know of him being Gay-only after marriage. He has married her under family pressure, but he is afraid to open up with his family about his preferences.

Title: The Last Meal

Language: Hindi

Filmmaker: Kumar Siddharth

Synopsis: The story is of an Islamic family with firm beliefs, consisting of a mother and a son. The son is on a suicide mission and wishes to have a meal with his mother for the last time. The mother wholeheartedly prepares his favorite dishes. Each dish has its own story as together they enjoy the meal. Finally, the time arrives, and the son leaves. An unexpected twist follows this. The story depicts a heart-touching and beautiful mother-son relationship under the light of sacrifice.

Title: Kathaah@8

Language: Multi-Lingual

Filmmaker: Shilpa Krishnan Shukla (Singapore)

Synopsis: Kathaah@8 is a multi-lingual award-winning anthology of 8 stories in 8 different Indian languages (Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi and Assamese) – all happening at 8:00 pm. The films explore themes around love, loss and longing, tears and fears, hopes and dreams. Stories are strewn across a town, a city, a country, all happening in the expanse of a few hours one night.

Title: Geometry, the Movie

Language: English

Filmmaker: Shawon Khan, Australia

Synopsis: Trapped between her daughter’s longing for attention, achieving her dream job, and uncovering a disturbing secret, Nadia must make difficult choices with long-lasting impacts. Set in the social context of millennial subcontinental immigrants in Australia, Geometry is about life- aspiration and sacrifice, hope and disappointments, emotions, relationships, friendship and hidden animosity.

Title: Lockdownchyaa Polyaa

Language: Marathi

Filmmaker: Gautam Marathe (Singapore)

Synopsis: Lockdown Chya Polya is a slice-of-life story presented in the mumblecore genre of an empty-nester couple stranded in different cities due to the sudden lockdown in India. The play spotlights conversations, relationships, and life’s simple pleasures. It captures the drama in everyday life of an ordinary family during the pandemic and subsequent lockdown. The presentation won the love of the audience and praise from critics resulting in significant media attention to this independent production in an entirely new genre (i.e., cross over between live theatre and a film). The play was praised for its unique theme, intimate presentation, endearing performances and very relatable dialogues in contemporary times.

Title: Gandhiji My Mentor

Language: Hindi

Filmmaker: Nilay Dave (USA)

Synopsis: Gandhiji My Mentor is a fictional story of Chandrabhan Upadhyay. The story is set during the British Empire in the 1940s. One rainy night Chandrabhan Upadhyay sneaks into Gandhiji’s Bungalow, intending to kill him as he believes that Mahatma Gandhi destroys his life. And then the drama unfolds, when Untruth challenges Truth, Non-Violence is pitted against Violence, Unrighteousness attacks righteousness, Love is crushed into pieces by animosity. A fantastic drama unfolds between the two before it’s “dawn”.

Title: Love Beyond Borders

Language: English

Filmmaker: Ruchi Undevia (UAE)

Synopsis: A collection of incredible stories that redefine cultural boundaries. This is a lifestyle documentary series sharing stories of people who found love in a different culture. Find out what it would be like to live with someone who came from a different world than you. We meet the truly global couples of Dubai who share their unique perspective of love, life, humanity and differences. The episodes feature four dynamic couples: A Scottish – Singaporean couple, Richard and Veronika, who has an intriguing story about destiny. An Indian – Pakistani couple, Jignesh and Mariam, have so much in common and yet they used to harbour so many myths about each other’s communities. An Indian – Kazak couple, Swaroop and Carligash, had an arranged marriage despite coming from very different cultural backgrounds.” A Turkish – Jordanian couple, Savas and Hana, have shared their beautiful wedding story. The series documents what brought them together and their experience of sharing the news with their friends & family. It explores how each journey is rather unique and yet the same as another riveting love story.

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