Friends Forever Season 1: Omkara & his girls


It is difficult living a life in America with so much work and job-hunting, handling chores, balancing love-life, above all, becoming a Hollywood actor and being able to have some peace at the end of the day. All that you think could go wrong, does go wrong at the end of the day. This is what Omkar goes through experiencing love triangles all day long, isn’t he lucky.

At best, Omkar is a bright and a savvy individual, works down by Wall St. and is good manipulating with business content and money to splash occasionally on the wrong events and women. You will begin to notice his personality as you begin to understand nuances with each episode. He is a darling debonair to all who come across (the women who entice him), except Bambi, whose desperation to be an actress, earning a palsy sum to keep up with her image and to hunt for prospective acting jobs, leads to sharing an apartment with Omkar.

Talking of Bambi, a pretty lass who is engrossed in her life, having to deal with Omkar’s vernacular, peculiar habits and his spoken imperfect cadences, makes this comedy a lively, enjoyable episode after episode for the family. She is a simple, quiet person, who loves her space and privacy, yet Omkar intrudes and disturbs her peace often and there remains a blow hot, blow cold aura around them. She deals with Omkar by keeping him at arm’s length, yet both need a hug at times, now and then.

Omkar’s cuisine is unique to Indian standards of spice “theeka.” Bambi calls it a Tika and these tongue-and-cheek episodes continue with innuendos and mishaps with women Omkar meets up in life and fumbles to recoup from mistake after mistake. There is a saying, “a fool and his money are soon lost,” and this is the outcome of his romantic interludes, where he pays a heavy price in hundreds of dollars and yet his romantic persona is adorable and hilarious at times.

Omkar’s acting is superb and delivers a brilliant performance with such adoration to a lad who is in his world, where you can take him out of India, but you cannot take the India out of him in America. His life in Jersey City in New Jersey, a stone’s-throw-away to New York Skyline and a backdrop, is a funny sitcom with all the laughs that can be mustered in one night’s sitting, as too many episodes are going to be addictive. Yet Omkar needs to work each day to bring in the comic relief many in the audience look for in a hectic day of each other’s lives.

Cast : Anshuman Sharma, Violetta Laze, Sonny Chatrath,
Sandra Gumuzzio, Diana Darii, Seeyali Singh,
Ganesh Chandra, Jagan Badvel, AJ Ramesh.
Produced by Nicholas Noor & Directed by Hyder Bilgrami.
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