Florida businessman Digvijay Gaekwad buys Church Street Exchange Building for $14.2 million

Digvijay ‘Danny’ Gaekwad (Courtesy: dannygaekwad.com)

NEW YORK – Indian American businessman Digvijay ‘Danny’ Gaekwad has bought the Church Street Exchange Building along with Orlando businessman Robert Yeager of Sullivan Properties for $14.2 million, according to a Lockport Press report.

Gaekwad, an entrepreneur and developer, has been involved with Visit Florida and also owns properties in downtown Ocala.

“These are beautiful buildings. We will focus on filling them up with quality tenants. This is the perfect place to start something new. It’s easy to find, and it’s iconic in my heart. I lived in Orlando in the 1980s, when Church Street was big,” Gaekwad told the Lockport Press.

According to his website, over the last three decades, Gaekwad has built over a dozen small-and medium-sized companies including convenience stores, real estate development, hotels, and IT consulting companies, all over the country.

Born in Baroda, Gaekwad graduated with a political science degree from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda and then moved to the United States in 1987 after marrying his wife Manisha, according to his website.

According to his website, when he landed in the U.S. in 1987, Gaekwad stepped into the business world by purchasing a convenience store in Orlando, Florida which he ran for eight years during which he built and sold a chain of 26 convenience stores across Florida.

After exiting from the convenience store business, he launched NDS Global, a medical billing and transcription company which became the largest medical billing and transcription business in the world within five years after which he entered the hospitality and real estate development industries in 1997, according to his website.

Gaekwad has also been active in local, state and national politics and has been trying to increase the representation of the Indian American community in the political arena.

Gaekwad has served on many boards in the community as well as received many awards from various organizations along with being recognized by other organizations.



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