Florida-based Parikh Geetmala’s humanitarian initiative with Prayatna Foundation, Bhavnagar


Parikh Geetmala, based in Florida, a popular weekly musical and entertainment virtual program on Zoom is launching new humanitarian initiatives.

Started by philanthropic couple, both physicians, Hansa and Madhu Parikh, last March 2020, this program ran every Sunday morning from 10:30 am for close to three hours, until May this year, providing a variety of Bollywood, classical, and regional music, a press release from Parikh Geetmala said.

According to the founders, the program engages a large group of listeners from across the United States who are inspired to donate and sponsor generously for it to continue.

With the COVID-19 pandemic impact going down, and people going back to their normal routines, Parikh Geetmala says it is planning to expand its horizons to hold events on the last Sunday of each month to raise funds for serving diverse community needs.

On Sunday June 27, 2021, Parikh Geetmala will present a humanitarian “Alaap Musical Event” presented by the Prayatna Foundation Bhavnagar (Gujarat), at 10:30 Eastern Time in the U.S.

Prayatna Foundation of Bhavnagar, Gujarat, helps the most needy kids and families in the city with food and other essentials. It uses transports named “Khichdi Rath” to distribute food etc. Photo: Prayatnafoundation.com

Over the last ten years, Prayatna Foundation (prayatnafoundation.com), a registered non-profit which operates in Bhavnagar and covers most of the slum areas of the city, looks after the needs of children who do not have resources to get food on a daily basis, the website of the organization says. Most of the children are from families where parents are daily wage laborers, or beggars with no regular income.

“Due to the absence of any vegetables, fruit or proteins, the nutritional content of their food is very poor. This severely impedes the physical and mental growth of the children,” Prayatna Foundation says. Using three-wheeler scooters, and according to Parikh Geetmala, a van,  popularly known as “Khichdi Rath,” and the help of dedicated volunteers, the Prayatna Foundation distributes food to the children.

The Foundation also helps other needy groups such as those suffering from leprosy, widows, Dalit and other backwards classes’ children, doing services like distributing sanitary pads, providing clean drinking water in the hot summer months.

The non-profit has sent out a call for help to charitable organizations and to the state and local government.

Parikh Geetmala is expecting its donors and supporters to come forward and contribute during the June 27 event.





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