First South Asian International Film Festival Florida on April 19 and 20

The South Asian International Film Festival Florida will be held in Tampa from April 19 to 20. Photo: Hemant Dinkar

SAIFFF, a non-profit organization, has announced the inaugural South Asian International Film Festival Florida, scheduled for April 19 and 20 in Tampa, Florida. This landmark event represents the region’s first South Asian film festival, spotlighting a diverse selection of shorts, documentaries and feature films from India, Pakistan, Nepal, the UK, Australia, Canada and the USA. These films collectively showcase the rich tapestry of South Asian cinema across various genres.

Organized by a passionate team of film enthusiasts from varied backgrounds including IT professionals, scientists, doctors and local business owners, SAIFFF promises to be a celebration of culture, creativity and community. Each aspect of film organization is managed by dedicated members, infusing the event with enthusiasm and expertise.

SAIFFF is made possible in Tampa with the support from local sponsors like GroundGame Health, Sakar Trust, teavity and Mathnasium.

Highlights of SAIFFF include the North American premiere of the Hindi film, The Lost Girl, depicting the poignant journey of Suhani, separated during the 1984 Sikh riots, Omi Vaidya’s Marathi film, Aaichya Gavat Marathit Bol, Dada Lakhmi, directed by renowned actor Yashpal Sharma and the North American premiere of Proof Of Concept, a feature film directed by local Floridian filmmaker Anjani Pandey.

SAIFFF also screens The Peace Activists, a film about Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King within a dramatic plot that highlights their remarkable similarities in the cause of peace and non-violence, and their engagement with civil disobedience as a methodology and a tool.

The festival’s lineup features an array of compelling short films and documentaries from around the world, including titles such as I Am Not Down, The Beginning, From Sweden, With Love, Once Upon A Time In Lahore, Jamun Ka Darakht and Dancing In Fire, a documentary film from Nepal among others.

Anticipation is high as SAIFFF expects attendance from Hindi films personalities such as Yashpal Sharma and Aryan Vaid, with hopes of confirmation from other renowned actors and actresses. Alongside film screenings, attendees can participate in panel discussions, Q&A sessions with filmmakers and special events showcasing various aspects of South Asian cinema and culture.

Hemant Dinkar, the founder-organizer of the SAIFFF. Photo: Hemant Dinkar

“We are organizing the South Asian International Film Festival in Tampa because we believe in the power of cinema to bridge cultures, celebrate diversity and showcase the incredible talent of South Asian filmmakers. Our goal is to create a platform that not only entertains but also educates and enlightens audiences about the rich tapestry of stories and perspectives from South Asia. By bringing this festival to Tampa, we aim to foster cultural exchange, promote understanding and provide a unique opportunity for the community to experience the magic of South Asian cinema right here in Florida. We are excited to share these compelling films and narratives with our local audience and to contribute to the vibrant arts scene in Tampa,” said Hemant Dinkar, Founder-Organizer of SAIFFF.



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