Firefighters help deliver Indian American baby in New Jersey


NEW YORK – An Indian American couple was blocked by a traffic jam on Route 78 in Union County, New Jersey, when they were on their way to the hospital at around 8 a.m. on Tuesday as Vandhana Desai had gone into labor about an hour and a half ago.

According to an report, Vandhana’s husband Anuj, pulled onto the shoulder and alerted 911 to help them get out of the traffic jam as time was running out.

As emergency personnel came to the rescue, the couple was back on the road but not for long as Anuj heard his wife say “it’s coming now” and he had no choice but to pull over again as Vandhana’s water had broke.

Luckily, firefighters from the Springfield Fire Department had already arrived to help Vandhana give birth in the car while she reclined in the passenger seat.

“They showed up with confidence and equipment, put their gloves on, and they knew what to do,” Anuj told, and was also on the phone with Vandhana’s doctor.

Though that didn’t seem necessary as Springfield Fire Department Captain Michael Mastroeni coached Anuj through the delivery and helped out when the umbilical cord became wrapped around the baby’s neck.

Soon enough, a 6-pound baby girl named Sonia was born to the couple, reported She was quickly wrapped in blankets and the family was brought to Morristown hospital in an ambulance where they were all pronounced healthy.



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