Family says bikers called them ‘effing Indian’ and attacked them: news report


A family from Galloway Township, New Jersey, was reportedly attacked by bikers in what appears to be a racially-motivated attack on the road in the middle of the night Aug. 6, according to news reports

Mohammad Ghazanfar was returning home from John F. Kennedy International Airport when the two cars he and his extended family were in, were attacked by bikers who broke the windows and shouted epithets and identified them as ‘Indians,’ WCBSNewYork reported.

The alleged attack, which according to, is being investigated by police, took place in Middlesex County.

Ghazanfar was in the car in front when the event happened shortly after the family departed from a Wawa convenience store on King George’s Road in Woodbridge Township,

Ghazanfar was in the car in front with his wife; his sister, her husband and their kids were in the car behind, Ghazanfar told CBSNewYork.

The incident happened shortly after 12 midnight, as the two-car convoy stopped at a red light and Ghazanfar saw in his rear view mirror that his sister’s car was being attacked.

The news reports do not identify Ghazanfar’s ethnicity or whether his family are Indians, Indian-Americans or of other South Asian heritage.

“They’re yelling, cursing, kicking the car and all I see in the mirror, and then I see it’s my sister’s car,” Mohammad is quoted saying. When he got out to find out what was happening, “This guy comes around from the other side, he swings at me, he punches me in my face, then he started cursing saying, you know the f-word, ‘you effing Indian,’ this and that,” Ghazanfar is quoted saying in the CBSNewYork report. reported that windows on both cars were smashed and Ghazanfar had ‘couple of cuts’ on his face. The Woodbridge police told no arrests had been made so far and the investigation is ongoing.



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