FairGaze.com: venture to connect students with mentors in India

Founder of FairGaze.com, Sudheen M.

FairGaze.com, a Delhi-based venture, is a student-focused platform for connecting with mentors and programs aligned to the pursuit of career choices and talent grooming.

FairGaze (www.fairgaze.com), which is up and running for about two years now, brings school focused news, information and enables students to expand their horizon in an interactive mode. In addition, the students can easily engage with mentors to seek guidance and enroll in programs that are aimed at honing their talents and interests.

Though at present the venture physically interacts with schools and students in the National Capital Region (NCR), FairGaze engages with over 100,000 students from over 2,000 schools across India, according to founder and CEO, Sudheen M.

FairGaze works with students, who pay a small amount, to help manage their school’s newsletter, promote sports and cultural functions of select schools and recognizes the achievements of the students to the larger school student ecosystem of FairGaze.

With over 90 mentor-driven programs, FairGaze brings a wide choice of talent grooming and career guidance portfolio for students to explore and hone their skills. FairGaze also brings wisdom from experts, educationists and professionals from various fields that brings life and skill hacks to students, said Sudheen, in a phone interview to News India Times.

“The experience of engaging with students, schools, education professionals and authorities is a very fulfilling experience in addition to offering a strong business model”, said Sudheen, who also runs Crystal Hues Limited, an integrating marketing communication services and localization services company, started two decades ago.

FairGaze was established in early 2016 after two years of extensive research that involved child psychologists, counsellors, educationists, non-curricular experts and professionals, said Sudheen.

A recognized start-up by the Government of India, FairGaze has worked with Delhi Directorate of Education, Department of School Education, Haryana, and many leading schools in private and public domain.

“Students, especially in the K-12 (kindergarten to 12th class or the undergraduates) segment are now increasingly using technologies.  However, I believe that there is strong need to engage them in the real world without disrupting their inclination to adopting latest technologies.  In fact, engaging them in real world should complement engaging them with technologies that they are experimenting with. This is one of the best way to fight the isolation being experienced by the students today,” said Sudheen.  “I have been advised that the students should be deprived of technology to help them tide over such conditions. However, I feel that technology and its use is inevitable and there is no possible way of avoiding use of technologies even for the school students,” he added.



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