Entrepreneur, DJ Sukhjinder, Makes a Difference in South Richmond Hill

DJ Sukhjinder

Loud music and wild parties are probably what comes to mind when we hear the words disc jockey (DJ). Sukhjinder Singh is not one to argue against that, having worked as the DJ in the successful Punjabi Mela concert in New York last May. But try asking South Richmond Hill residents and they will be quick to say that Sukhjinder is not your ordinary DJ. DJ Sukhjinder is more than loud music and wild parties. DJ Sukhjinder is also all heart.

Born in Bholath, a town in Kapurthala district in the state of Punjab, India, DJ Sukhjinder went to the U.S. in 2000 on his own search of the American dream – good job, nice house and car, family, and plenty of money. But the American dream did not come easy to the then 18-year old DJ Sukhjinder. “I did all kinds of jobs. I worked whatever job I could get – in restaurants, construction, you name it. I was earning only $80 to $90 a day. Taxi work was not available at that time.”

For years, DJ Sukhjinder tirelessly worked multiple jobs, but without losing sight of his goal – having his own business. Then in 2012, DJ Sukhjinder opened his very own CD/DVD store in South Richmond Hill, NY. And his formula for success: Service. As inspired by his personal experience as an unhappy customer. “I needed a new SIM card for my phone. The guy at the store was charging me $10 to swap SIM cards! When all he needed to do was to pick up the cellphone and change the SIM cards. From there I ventured into the cellphone business as well. And never did I take money for changing a SIM card!”

Since then, DJ Sukhjinder has dedicated himself to helping make things easier for the South Richmond Hill community. To this end, DJ Sukhjinder now offers DJ, photography, videography services and financial services in his CD/DVD store. DJ Sukhjinder processes international money transfers, domestic money orders, and bill payments. For all these, DJ Sukhjinder has partnered exclusively with RIA Money Transfer: “RIA is great! They have competitive fees, best rates, and extra mile service.

DJ Sukhjinder continues, “With RIA’s money transfer service, I have yet to hear a customer complaining that money was not received. Instead, customers are happy that loved ones don’t have to go out of their villages to get the money. To them RIA is reliable and convenient. And because customers are happy with RIA, I am happy with RIA.”

Visit DJ Sukhjinder at his Ria location, 116-01 101st Ave, South Richmond Hill, NY. He is currently offering fee-free bill payments to all new and existing customers.



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