Edison Township excels with a no-holds-barred Diwali celebration

Edison Township Mayor Sam Joshi addressing the crowd at the Nov. 4, 2023, Diwali celebrations at Lake Papaianni Park. PHOTO: Shawkat Huda, ITV Gold

Diwali celebrations at Edison Township, New Jersey, were an extraordinary spectacle of crowds, lights and fireworks, bringing thousands of Indians and Indian Americans to picturesque Lake Papaianni Park, for the free event Saturday, November 4, 2023. Edison, possible the most diverse township in the country, boasted its multicultural roots with a Diwali that could compete successfully with any held in India.

Renowned performer Jay Sean entertained the thousands who came to enjoy Diwali celebrations at Lake Papaianni Park, Nov. 4, 2023. PHOTO: Shawkat Huda, ITV Gold

Among the highlights were star performers Jay Sean and Prudhvi Chandra, who along with other entertainers, including local dance troupes and singers, transformed the environment with the beats and melodies of Indian music and lighted diyas for some 9 hours.

Thousands crowded Lake Papaianni Park Nov. 4, 2023, for Diwali celebrations. PHOTO:Shawkat Huda, ITV Gold
Some of the structures with lights at the Edison Diwali celebrations in Lake Papaianni Park. PHOTO: Courtesy Varsha Naik

As for the decorations, they were unsurpassed – 65,000 lights made the park glow ethereally, 6,000 diyas distributed to the public enhanced the beauty of the 22 acres of the parkland.

There were also at least 33 colorful stalls of vendors, crowded by visitors eager to buy Indian.

Beautiful art works at a stall in Lake Papaianni Park in Edison, for the Diwali festival Nov. 4, 2023. PHOTO: Varsha Naik
Local dance group made up of kids perform on stage at the Nov. 4, 2023, Diwali celebrations in Lake Papaianni Park, organized by Edison township. PHOTO: Shawkat Huda, ITV Gold

Many congratulated the Indian American Mayor of Edison, Sam Joshi, who was a highly visible presence at the massive gathering, addressing the crowd, and also mingling with visitors and taking selfies.

Performer Prudhvi Chandra performing Jai Ho! at the Diwali celebrations Nov. 4, 2023, at Lake Papaianni Park. PHOTO: Videograb from Edison Township Government Facebook reel
Long-distance view of Lake Papaianni Park lit up with 65,000 lights and fireworks exploding. PHOTO: videograb from Edison Township Facebook

One of the hundreds of reactions on Facebook from various sources, gives an idea of how the Edison celebrations were received. “You gotta see it to believe it! #EdisonDiwali was a night to remember as Mayor Sam Joshi and the Edison Council put on an amazing event!” No surprise, it was the Edison Township Facebook page containing reels of the event. “The party is not slowing down,” it said.



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