Early intervention in education


A Preschool Program Like No Other 

Our preschool program has recently adopted the Creative Curriculum, which is aligned with the overall mission of CHP and focuses on developmental milestones. Specifically, the Creative Curriculum emphasizes four crucial aspects of early childhood development, i.e., social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language.

While the social/emotional stage helps promote independence and self-control, the physical stage focuses on a child’s motor skills. The cognitive stage is associated with critical thinking skills helping students learn how to problem solve and ask questions. The language stage primarily helps with developing communication skills and children learn how to communicate with others. A significant amount of importance is given to letter and number recognition, phonetics, and phonemic awareness.

Did you know that in recent years, early intervention has become a common strategy in preschools and childcare centers as a way to provide children with services to meet their developmental milestones?

A recent study led by Robert Ammerman, Ph. D., and his team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center was published on October 16, 2023, in JAMA Pediatrics, a well-respected international peer-reviewed journal that has been continuously published since 1911. (1) The study found that children exhibited elevated behavioral problems early on, emphasizing the importance of early intervention instead of waiting until the child is older. This research underscores the importance of identifying and addressing behavioral issues in children as early as possible.

 Earlier the Better

During the first three years of a child’s life, their development is of utmost importance. It should be heartening to note that, if parents observe any delays in their child’s development, they can apply for Early Intervention services provided by the state of New Jersey until the child attains three years of age. It is also crucial to note that according to recent federal statistics, ‘more than 15 states, including Rhode Island, serve fewer than 200 Black children statewide through early intervention — a fraction of the number that experts say need the support, which can include physical and speech therapy’.(2)

At Cedar Hill Prep, we not only understand the developmental milestones for children by age but also that every child is different and their learning abilities are unique. Our small class sizes enable teachers to individualize instruction based on a child’s needs. By using the Creative Curriculum, which is backed by research-based practices, educators at CHP not only harness students’ love for learning but also tailor their instructional goals with clear objectives that have measurable indicators of developmental growth.

To find out more about how our students benefit from the unique preschool program, visit our website or contact admissions to book a tour of our school!


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