‘Dialogue Generation Square’ hopes to bridge divide by providing platform for discussion

A discussion held between seniors and youth at the Indo-American Seniors Center, Queens, N.Y., in early February, scheduled to be aired late February. (Photo: courtesy Mukund Mehta, president IASC)

An organization that says its goal is to “spread ideas of peace and harmony through creative video programs,” recently held a discussion on ‘Generation Gap and Technology’, and ‘Respect for Age or Knowledge?’

The meeting was organized by Insight for Creativity LLC, headed by president Ashok Vyas, and the Indo-American Senior Center in Queens in early February, according to an account by the president of IASC, Mukund Mehta. It was a “lively forum,” involving participation by two seniors and two youths for each episode, the press release from Mehta says. The participants for the first episode were Dr. Himanshu Pandya and Mukund Mehta, president of Indo-American Center, as seniors and Neil Zaveri and Rajni Raghunath as young participants. For the second segment, seniors Dr. Nilesh Soni and Gopi Udeshi faced off with Stony Brook University student Shamik Shah and software engineer Sapna Vyas.

A section of the audience at the Dialogue Generation Square held at the Indo-American Seniors Center, Queens, N.Y. early February. (Photo courtesy IASC)

The two-hour recorded segments will be aired on ITV as a part of the ongoing series ‘Insight Tonight with Ashok Vyas’ on Feb. 26 and 27 at 7:30 pm.

Vyas, who is also program director with ITV Gold, stressed the necessity of community events involving seniors and youths for better understanding and bridging the gap between generations, the press release said. Mehta said the inaugural discussion would provide impetus to undertake more social events in the future.

Insight for Creativity said it plans to organize ‘Dialogue Generation Square’ series every month in collaboration with various organizations. This will be available on Facebook and YouTube.




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