Connecticut recognizes April 14 as ‘National Sikh Day’

 Members of the Sikh community in Connecticut with proclamation making April 14th as ‘National Sikh Day’ in the state. Photo courtesy of the organizers.

Connecticut state’s General assembly has recognized April 14th as “National Sikh Day”, for the Sikh community from India.

The General Assembly Citation which was introduced by Senator Catherine A. Osten, 19th Dist. ,Representative Kevin Ryan, 139th Dist., Representative Emmett D. Riley, 46th Dist., and Representative Doug Dubitsky, 47th Dist., recognize the observance of April 14th as National Sikh Day, according to a press release.

The resolution reads: “Vaisakhi is one of the most significant days in Sikh history, which commemorates the creation of the Khalsa, a fellowship of devout Sikhs by Guru Gobind Singh in 1699 in Sikh Homeland Punjab. Sikhism is the 5th largest ethnic religion based on the belief of one God and the equality of all human beings. We join with all communities of faith in celebrating this joyous holiday with you.”

It was signed by Speaker of the House, Secretary of the State and President Pro Tempore.

Swaranjit Singh Khalsa, President of Sikh Sewak Society International USA, said in a statement: “This resolution has paved the road for sikhs to eventually get declared April 14th as an official holiday in Connecticut “.

Khalsa said, “I am glad State of Connecticut understand importance of recognizing communities living, working and helping state to grow”.

This declaration was made by Senator Osten in Gurudwara Sachkhand Darbar, Hamden, as she joined to celebrate Vaisakhi with local Sikh community.

US Senator Chris Murphy who introduced Senate Resolution 469 last year to recognize Vaisakhi in US Senate for first time in history, on request from Sikh community of Connecticut, also recognized April 14th as National Sikh Day in his letter.

US Congressman Joe Courtney also issued a certificate recognizing work of Sikh community of Connecticut and declaring April 14th as National Sikh Day.

Connecticut and Indiana are two states which have recognized Vaisakhi as “National Sikh Day”.

Five cities in Connecticut – Norwich, Norwalk, Hamden, East Hartford, Southington and one city in Massachusetts, Holyoke, has also declared April 14th as National Sikh Day, for Sikhs from India.



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