Congressman Ro Khanna introduces Political Reform Resolution  

Congressman Ro Khanna delivering his speech Dec 14, 2023, relating to the Political Reform Resolution he introduced. PHOTO: Courtesy, Office of Rep. Khanna

Representative Ro Khanna (CA-17), on December 14, 2023, introduced a new Political Reform Resolution that presents roadmap seeking to achieving broad political reform in the judicial and legislative branches of the U.S. Federal government.

“Our political system should not be for sale. Trust in the government has been declining for decades, and Congress must act with urgency to rebuild it. The Political Reform Resolution acknowledges that there are tangible legislative solutions for these problems, and that we must pursue them as a comprehensive reform plan to rein in corruption,” Rep. Khanna is quoted saying in the press release.

The Political Reform Resolution calls for:

  1. 12-year term limits for Members of Congress;
  2. A ban on Members of Congress from holding and trading individual stocks during the Member’s tenure;
  3. A ban on Members of Congress and candidates for the House and Senate from accepting contributions from political action committees and lobbyists, and a lifetime ban on lobbying for Members of Congress;
  4. A binding code of ethics for Supreme Court Justices; and
  5. 18-year term limits and regular appointments for future Supreme Court Justices, requiring a new Justice to be added and another to rotate off every two years.

Congressman Khanna represents the 17th District of California, which covers communities in Silicon Valley. Visit his website at Follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @RepRoKhanna.



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