Community support for NYC Council candidate Koshy Thomas

Community leaders, local businessmen, and activists at a fundraising event to support New York City Council District 23 candidate Koshy Thomas. Photo: courtesy Koshy Thomas

Koshy Thomas, a candidate running for the New York City Council from District 23 in Queens recently held a fundraising event.

New York State Senator Kevin Thomas, the only Indian American in the Upper House in Albany, inaugurated the event which was held at Cotillion restaurant in Jericho, Long Island, NY and was attended by community leaders, local businessmen and activists, a press release from Koshy’s campaign said.

In his speech, Sen. Kevin Thomas said the council needed a voice of someone who has ties to the community, has organized events, and who has given back to the community.

“The city council is a tough and complicated place. If you do not have someone who is well prepared to take up the responsibility, we will be at a loss,” Kevin Thomas is quoted saying. “Koshy is the right candidate. He wants to represent you. So on election day, make sure that he gets your vote, and there should be volunteers calling people to go and vote,” Senator Thomas added.

Community leaders, local businessmen, and activists at a fundraising event to support New York City Council District 23 candidate Koshy Thomas. Photo: courtesy Koshy Thomas

Ashok Vora, a businessman from District 23, praised Koshy Thomas for his focus on the needs of the local businesses in the community, especially during the pandemic. “Koshy has the courage to stand up for the community, and next time when we gather, we would be celebrating his election as the NYC council member,” Vora added.

Kamalesh Mehta, business owner and publisher of South Asian Times, called Koshy Thomas a polite but persistent person who can get things done. He promised his full support.

Dilip Chouhan, a community leader, lauded the candidate’s work as one of the architects of the India Day Parade and urged the Indian American community to go out and vote to elect him as the next city councilman.

Vimal Goyal, a community leader and activist said he was excited to hear that Koshy Thomas was running. “He is the only one in our community who can win in this election and our community has to come together and support him,” Goyal said.

George Abraham, vice chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress, pointed out the significance of this race and asked the community to pool their resources and manpower to create history in electing the first Indian American to the NYC Council. George Parampil spoke about encouraging Koshy Thomas to run for the district and emphasized the need for a “go-to” person in the current complex environment.

Anna George, educator and medical professional, emphasized the need to have the right person representing the people to tap the resources needed for a thriving community.

Dencil George said many politicians made empty promises but pointed out that Koshy Thomas was not among them and would make a difference in the community.

Regi Kurian, president of the Kerala Cultural Association of North America, promised his support for the Indian American candidate.

Dr. Thomas Mathew, former president of AKMG, thanked the candidate for his community service and offered his help as well.

Ajit Abraham and Biju Chacko emceed the event.

Interfaith Prayer

New York City Council District 23 candidate Koshy Thomas held an interfaith prayer to offer condolences for the victims of the covid crisis in India. Photo: courtesy Koshy Thomas

Koshy also held an interfaith prayer at his campaign headquarters on Saturday, May 8 at 260th and Hillside Ave, Queens, N.Y., where leaders from different faiths gathered to offer prayers for the victims of the covid crisis in India.

Speakers at the event highlighted the grave situation India is facing and encouraged participants to pray for the country while extending a helping hand with medical supplies and financial resources.

Participants in the prayer included Guru Garud Gopal Prabhu, Father John Thomas of Jackson Heights Orthodox Church, Imam Muhammad Waliullah of Hillside Islamic Center, Ashok Vyas of ITV, Hemanth Shah of FBIMA, Suhag Mehta of Ganesh Utsav, Kripal Singh, Virendra Vora, Paul Karukapally, Ashok Vora, Philipose Philip, V.M. Chacko, Varghese Abraham, Mercedes Buchanan and George Abraham of Indian Overseas Congress-USA.




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