Community organization ‘Friends of MP NY/NJ’ held unique Holi @Home in New Jersey

One of the families that opened its home to celebrate Holi @Home as part of the Friends of MP NYNJ community organization. Photo: Friends of MP.

To celebrate Holi and arrival of Spring, Friends of MP NYNJ opened their homes and  hearts to other members. Around 20 families gathered, introduced each other and played some games, sang Holi songs and danced, performed the Holi Tilak and enjoyed sweets and savory snacks, a press release from organizers said. Four families came forward to be hosts this year.

One of the families which is a member of Friends of MP NYNJ, hosted an @Home Holi. Photo: Friends of MP NYNJ.

The first Holi was on March 19, 2023, at home of Lalit Khandelwal . The next was on April 2 in the home of Anand Rai.

An @Home Holi being celebrated by a family as part of the Friends of MP NYNJ initiative. Photo: Friends of MP NYNJ

Two more Families will be hosting “Holi – Padharo Mhaara Ghar” on April 16 and in Edison. Events are being coordinated by Amit Mishra and Shaman Jain of Friends of MP team, and any family willing to participate does so voluntarily.

New families are welcome to host such events, organizers indicated.

Events were attending by families originating from small towns of MP – Multai, Betul, Mandsaur, Neemuch, Ambah, Orrcha – in addition to those hailing from the major cities.

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