Community activist emphasizes strong Hindu roots, announces run for US Congress in Wisconsin  

Purnima Nath. PHOTO: X @PurnimaNath

Purnima Nath, a community activist and leader, who described herself in an interview as a ‘Hindu Indian American’ declared her run for the US Congress May 7, 2024, from Wisconsin’s District 4. But first Nath will first have to win the Republican Party endorsement in the August 13 primaries.

“I’m a Hindu Indian American and a legal immigrant,” Nath told News India Times. “Most of the Hindus don’t run as a Hindu. We have to create a space for this,” she said.

“On the left are Islamo-Marxists, and on the right is the Christianity-driven. In-between, obviously, Hindus have no space,” Nath added. “And its important for Hindus to make a space for Hindus. We are “American first” no doubt, but we should not make a compromise on our faith.”

“I am a conservative, faith-driven Republican, and I believe there’s a higher power,” Nath added.

In her May 7 press release, Nath asks for “blessing, support and love” on her new journey.

“Coming from a background of almost nothing and scarcity of resources, I am not worried about what I would lose with the advocacy that I already do. But everything that my God Shiva allowed me to experience has been quite thrilling thus far and I know that this will be no less,” she says.

She identifies her priorities as “National Security, Border Security, Legal Immigration, Education, Economy.”

“Inspired by oldest-living-civilizational-ethos of the world, Hindu dharma, and passionate about community and service, I have dedicated my life to bringing visibility to the issues that truly matter and strengthening our society based on shared principles and common values of a safer community, equal opportunity for equals, and growth-focused education,” Nath said in her press release.

And on serving ‘humanity’ she said she is “committed to advocating true “diversity” and “compassion” (not the liberal-left’s diluted fake version of diversity and misplaced compassion floating around these days), and improving the US-India relationship, I am promoting the collaboration of the oldest and largest democracy of the world (best of both the worlds for the benefit of humanity) to foster a stronger and brighter society.”

The current incumbent in District 4 is Gwen Moore, a Democrat, who was elected in 2004 and has occupied the office since January 2005. On the Republican side, the only declared candidate for the August 13 primaries to date is Tim Rogers who was handily defeated by Moore in 2022, according to information provided by Ballotpedia, which has not yet listed Nath as the newest contender.

Nath will have to overcome Rogers’ support base to secure the Republican nomination, which will be tough considering the fact that Rogers secured more than 74 percent of the Republican vote in the 2022 party primaries against his fellow GOP opponent Travis Clark.

In her press release Nath speaks about the challenges of political correctness and divisive politics, which she says are “dangerous for ordinary citizens” and of the need to focus o bread and butter issues such as safe streets, reducing the tax burden and providing good education “free from political agendas.”

Nath has an MBA from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Business and a background in engineering, She has worked as a management consultant for multinational corporations. She is also the founder of the nonprofit organization Spindle India, Inc., and the producer of the popular ethnic festival IndiaFest Wisconsin.



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