Commentary: Silence not an option in Hamas attack on Israel


Iran backed Hamas brutally attacks Israel in retaliation after Islamic radicalism shamed by Nobel prize given to Iranian jailed activist Narges Mohamedi

It’s a rather distressing situation for the international community to remain silent in a time when the terror outfit Hamas has launched such a massive onslaught against the nation of Israel from Gaza.

The October 1973 scenario is replaying yet again when Israel was attacked from all fronts during the commemoration of the feast Yom Kippur. 50 years later during the commemoration of the Simchat Torah, the Hamas which is a front for Iran known for Islamic radicalism, the fertile ground for terrorism, have unleashed a massive rocket attack resulting in massive destruction alongwith loss of lives. Did Iran feel humiliated because of the Nobel given to jailed activist Narges Mohammadi?

Israel as a nation is known to face unique security threats from her neighbors. Rather than blame and condemn Israel for violating the human rights of the Palestinians, the international community should censure Iran a theocratic state known for funding terror, by castigating it with the strongest terms followed by economic sanctions.

Iran which openly violates human rights and suppression of civil liberties evidenced by the jailing of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Ms. Narges Mohammadi has been fighting a proxy war with Israel through the Hamas terrorist organization.

As a matter of fact the United Nations should demand the disbandment of Hamas by supervising the same. The Western media should also be impartial in their reporting and cease from projecting Israel as the villain while showcasing the perpetrators as the victim.

The United Nations should also appoint international investigators to expose the links and channels through which Iran funds and arms the Hamas. A regime known for funding terror and gross violation of human rights should not just be let loose to hold world peace in jeopardy while a solution can be sought.

Those against international terrorism anchored on Islamic radicalism championed by Iran which has spread to Afghanistan, should come out openly and express their solidarity and sympathy with Israel just as the Government of India has done,during this time of the attack against them by the enemies of international peace and security.

The world should not forget that terrorism anchored and inspired by radical islam like showcased by Iran and Afghanistan is the greatest threat to international peace and security.

Dr.Abraham Mathai is Chairman of Harmony Foundation & Former Vice-Chairman Minorities Commission

(The views expressed are of the author alone and not of News India Times or its management Parikh Worldwide Media)



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