Code M Season 2 maintains the ethos, thrills

Code M Season 2 is a worthy successor to the earlier one. Photo: Jio Studios

Major Monica Mehra (Jennifer Winget) is a part of the Army’s legal team. Her sheer sharpness of observation prevents the murder—at a party—of Chief Minister Joshi (Manoj Dutt) by a rare poison, though the would-be killer swallows the same poison and dies when cornered.

What seems to be a simple assassination attempt on a politician’s life opens up a can of worms within the army and the nation’s politicians’ and business circles. Ismail Qureshi (Swanand Kirkire) is handed charge of the case when it is found that the poison is used predominantly within army circles and the murderer, therefore, must be a part of the armed forces.

But Monica suspects that Ismail is either supremely apathetic to the case or is involved in a negative manner. She investigates privately and stumbles upon a humongous scam that involves huge money at stake and defective army equipment that has cost the lives of so many soldiers. Her close friend and more, Angad (Tanuj Virwani) and associate Rahil (Eklavya Kashyap) help her in her mission. But Monica has no inkling that her personal past will come in at a crucial stage, with twists galore in her life and the case, and where her integrity itself is harshly tested.

Like Season 1, Season 2 is a deftly crafted saga of devilry within the Army itself. The story is largely credible, though some avoidable licenses are taken with logic, which could have been avoided to make the show even better. The technical values are again of high standards and the editing sharp.

Director Akshay Chaubey (Bekaboo, Mum Bhai) does a skilled job in maintaining the tempo and intensity despite a couple of implausible points. He extracts excellent performances from his repeat protagonists Jennifer and Tanuj, who have a bigger share of emotional baggage as well as voltage here than in Season 1. Jennifer is truly outstanding as Monica and needs to be seen more on screen.

Swanand Kirkire is pitch-perfect as the seemingly blank (and bland) Ismail. Atul Kumar puts in another punchy performance as Vikram despite his role not having that much scope. The other supporting artistes are good too.

The thrill-packed narrative is packed with intermittent highs and very few lows, and Season 2 leaves a door open for Season 3. Honestly, while I do wait for the new season, it would have more gratifying if this story had completely ended here and we had something fresh to wait for next time. Code M can be a great franchise.

Rating: ***1/2

Voot Select presents Juggernaut Productions’ & Jio Studios’ Code M Season 2  Produced by: Aditya Pittie & Samar Khan  Created & developed by: Ekta Kapoor Directed by: Akshay Choubey  Written by: Aniruddha Guha & Aparna Nadig Music: Udbhav Ojha  Starring: Jennifer Winger, Tanuj Virwani, Swanand Kirkire, Atul Kumar, Eklavya Kashyap, Manoj Dutt, Rajiv Kachroo, Charudutt Sapra, Kashyap Harsha Shangari & others




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