Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval announces new gun laws

Cincinnati, Ohio Mayor Aftab Pureval announcing new gun laws Feb. 2, 2023. Photo: Twitter @AftabPureval

Mayor Aftab Pureval of Cincinnati announced two new gun safety policies Feb. 2, 2023. He was joined by Vice Mayor Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney, Councilmember Scotty Johnson, Councilmember Liz Keating, Councilmember Meeka D. Owens, and community leaders, when announcing the landmark legislation.

The first prohibits people convicted of domestic violence from legally possessing a firearm. The second requires safe gun storage around children.  Anyone owning a deadly weapon, will have a legal requirement to take precautions.  Both policies are punishable by up to one year in jail.

 “This is just common sense. And it’s something that research has shown, time and time again, to have a significant impact on preventing tragedies,” Mayor Pureval is quoted saying in the press release, adding, “We have to be able to implement the measures that keep our communities safe and save lives.”

Currently, the State of Ohio has broad and restrictive pre-emption laws that have prevented cities from passing more extensive safety measures.  The City of Cincinnati has filed a lawsuit against the state seeking that the “preemption law” be declared unconstitutional.

“The City is committed to explore and pursue all potential solutions and strategies to combatting violence in our neighborhoods,” Assistant City Manager Virginia Tallent said. “These policies championed by our Mayor are critical additional tools for the City in our fight against gun violence – the leading cause of death nationally for children in the United States.”

“The Cincinnati Police Department recognizes that domestic violence in our community acts as a precursor to additional crimes,” Cincinnati Police Chief Teresa Theetge said.  “Making it illegal for someone with a prior domestic violence conviction to possess a firearm can be lifesaving.”

Other officials at the event echoed similar sentiments in expressing their support for Mayor Pureval’s initiative.

The two ordinances will be presented at the Public Safety & Governance Committee on Tuesday, Feb. 7.



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