Chicagoland real estate professionals host Diwali gala  

Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthy lighting the lamp. Lt to Rt Shirin Marvi,Bimal Pandhi, Pradeep B. Shukla, Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthy, Bhailal M. Patel, Kanti N Patel, Anup Patel at Nov. 3, 2023 Diwali celebration. PHOTO: ASARP

The Association of South Asian Real Estate Professionals (ASARP) held its annual Diwali gala November 3, 2023, at the prestigious Waterford Banquets.

Chairman Pradeep B. Shukla in his speech, linked the festival’s theme of light overcoming darkness to the organization’s commitment to integrity in the industry.

Among the attendees was Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, D-Illinois, and members of the real estate and political communities. At the event, Chairman Shukla and President Shirin Marvi were reinstated to their positions of leadership.

Director Installation- Pradeep B Shukla, Chairman, Shirin Marvi, President and Bhailal M Patel, Sr Director. PHOTO: ASARP

Attendees enjoyed cultural and professional festivities, marked accomplishments of the past year, and looked to a promising future.

Congressman Krishnamoorthi’s proposal to officially acknowledge Diwali as a prominent festival in the United States was met with enthusiastic applause. He had introduced a bipartisan resolution back in 2021, to recognize Diwali’s religious and historical significance, since it was observed by more than 3 million Americans of Indian heritage, as well as millions worldwide.

“Chairman Shukla’s discourse on “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” and “Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye” from Indian scriptures provided profound insights into ASARP’s philosophy, one that sees the world as a single family and education as the liberator,” organizers said in the press release. He praised the Indian government’s forward strides in the real estate sector, highlighting reforms that have fostered growth and international investment.

Star studded function- including Mario Treto, Secretary IDFPR, Laurie Murphy Director IDFPR, Sanjay Kumar Sharma, Vice Consul General, Matt Silver and Mike Gobber, Presidents of Illinois Realtors and team of ASARP. PHOTO: ASARP

Apart from Rep. Krishnamoorthi, other chief guests included Mario Treto Jr. , secretary IDFPR, Laurie Murphy, director IDFPR (Real Estate Division), and Vice Consul of India, Sanjay Kumar Sharma (representing CG Somnath Ghosh).

Acclaimed real estate professionals who came to the Diwali celebrations included President-elect Matt Silver and Past President Mike Gobber of Illinois State Association of Realtors, Piero Orsi, past president of Main Street Organization of Realtors, Kinga Korpacz, treasurer, John Gorlmey, CEO of Main Street Organization of Realtors, Moti Agarwal, CEO of Millennium Bank, and many other dignitaries were present.

President Marvi held a 2-minute silence and prayer for what is going on around the globe, before delivering her speech. She explained that The Association of South Asian Real Estate Professionals stands as a pillar of excellence within the real estate community, fostering an environment of integrity, collaboration, and professional development. With a foundation built on the rich cultural ethos of South Asia, ASARP is a testament to the power of unity in diversity, driving progress and innovation in the real estate sector, she added.

Sunita Kakarlapudi introduced Mario Treto Jr. and Harsha Shukla introduced Laurie Murphy.

Both Treto and Murphy highlighted the steps that are being taken by IDFPR in relation to the professional standards. Treto also complimented ASARP for their work on his behalf and on behalf of the Governor of Illinois.

Sanjay Kumar Sharma, Deputy Consul General of India lauded the growth of the ASARP and its impact on the real estate sector. Matt Silver, President of Illinois Realtors, and John Gormley, CEO of Main Street Organization of Realtors expressed their continued support for ASARP.

Senior Director of ASARP and Executive Vice president of Parikh worldwide media Bhailal Patel, greeted Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthy and explained how proud the Indian diaspora feels about his achievements.

National anthems were sung by Ramona Schmika (US) and women members of ASARP (India).

The lamp-lighting ceremony and installation of the Board of Directors was held. The oath ceremony was conducted by Mike Gobber. Prachi Jaitly, and Phani Krishnan were event coordinators.

The 2024 Board of ASARP executive committee comprises Pradeep B Shukla, Chairman, Shirin Marvi, President, Sunita Kakarlapudi, Vice President, Rajesh Patel, Jt. Treasurer, Nick Verma, Jt .Treasurer, and Directors are Bhailal M Patel, Anup Patel, Bimal M Pandhi, Marsha Collins, Catherine Terpstra.

The Advisory Board comprises of Adil Moghees, Ajeet Singh, Al Haroon Hussain, Anil Loomba, Ashok Lakshmanan, Dan Wagner, Hiten Gardi, Jill Daniels, Jyothi Pallapothu, Nirav Patel, Sunil Shah, T. Paul S Chawla, Vasanti Bhatt, Vipul Gandhi and Trustees Kanti Bhai Patel and T. R. Viswanathan.




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