Chicagoland community pays tribute to Indian General, others, killed in crash

A picture of General Biopin Rawat, adorned with flowers and at event Dec. 18, 2021, commemorating his service to India. He was killed along with his wife and 12 other personnel Dec. 8, 2021, in a helicopter crash. Photo: Uttarakhand Samaj of Greater Chicago.

The Uttarakhand Samaj Of Greater Chicago (USOGC) along with other organizations, held an event Dec. 18, 2021, to pay tribute to India’s Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat who was killed along with his wife Madhulika Rawat and 12 armed forces personnel in a tragic military helicopter crash near Coonoor in Tamil Nadu on December 8, 2021.

The General was on a visit to Defense Services Staff College at Wellington in Nilgiri Hills to address the faculty and student officers of the Staff Course during which this tragic accident occurred.

Representatives of a dozen of Indian communities and organizations from Greater Chicago area attended this event, which was organized at Chicago Kali Bari temple, Glen Ellyn, IL on Saturday, December 18, 2021. Flower petals were offered to these 14 martyrs in Shradhanjali.

Dr. Ajit Pant, a prominent member of Uttarakhand Samaj and Indian community in Chicagoland, mourned the loss and also stressed that passing away of Gen. Rawat is a big setback to US-India relations as Gen. Rawat was a promoter and active member of the QUAD program (a strategic security dialogue between the United States, India, Japan and Australia) for diplomatic and joint military exercises.

A video on the life of Indian Gen. Bipin Rawat was shown at the Dec. 18, 2021, event in Chicagoland commemmorating his life, following the tragic helicopter crash Dec. 8, which killed him and his wife and 12 other personnel. Photo: USOGC.

Shailendra Rawat from USOGC thanked all the participants for supporting and coming together on a short notice and paid homage to the lives lost.

The Uttarakhand Samaj Of Greater Chicago and other organizers of the Dec. 18, 2021, event to commemorate and pay tribute to the life of Indian General Bipin Rawat, who died along with his wife and 12 members of the Indian armed forces Dec. 8, in a helicopter crash. Photo: USOGC

Ravi Rawat from USOGC thanked to all the people and representative of different Indian communities for coming together and showing a support.

A 2-minute silence was observed by everyone.

Acharya of Chinmaya Mission Omkara Center, Nirmita Dholakia, recited a 7-minutes Nirwana Shatkam prayer for the salvation of the departed souls.

A biographical video clip compiled by USOGC member Mr. Chandan Singh, was also played.

Numerous other members of the community also spoke and paid tribute to those killed earlier this month.



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