Chicago Hindu Mahotsav Group (CHMG) hosts Mahashivratri and International Women’s Day

At the March 2, 2024, Chicago Hindu Mahotsav Group event celebrating Mahashivratri and International Women’s Day in Streamwood, Illinois. From Left to right:Maha Shivaratri puja From Left to right Pujari Bharatbhai Dave, Shailesh & Bela Rajput,Chief Guest Bhailal Patel & Lila B. Patel. PHOTO: CHMG

Streamwood, IL. The Chicago Hindu Mahotsav Group (CHMG) recently hosted a program, March 2, 2024, combining Mahashivratri and International Women’s Day, in Streamwood, Illinois. It was a day filled with cultural festivities and spiritual celebrations, a press release from the organization said.

Guests and members were welcomed and urged to enjoy the day’s activities. Bhailal Patel of Desi Talk Chicago was the Chief Guest. He was introduced by President of CHMG Shailesh Rajput as a man known for his “unwavering commitment” to Hindu values, who serves as a dedicated sevak at Hare Krishna Temple Chicago. His involvement spans various organizations, and he has notably held the positions of past president and current Trustee of FIA Chicago, where CHMG, is also actively engaged, Rajput added.

From Left to right:Shailesh, Bela Rajput, As parvati and Shiva Mrs Ami and Mr Amar Zaveri, Chief Guest Bhailal Patel, Lila B Patel, PHOTO: CHMG

Beyond his organizational contributions, Bhailal Patel is celebrated for his altruism, kind heart and genuine character., Rajput said, adding, “As a trusted advisor and guide, he brings invaluable insights to individuals like myself.”

Rajput went on to say, “Professionally, Bhailal Patel is a distinguished figure in the field of News Media, serving as the Executive Vice President of Parikh Worldwide Media, LLC and ITV Gold (Desi Talk Newspaper), the largest Indian American news media group in the United States.”

According to Rajput, “The impact of Bhailal Patel’s work is felt weekly by readers.” He invited Bhailal Patel to lead the ceremonial lamp lighting, along with several distinguished guests, including Pujari ji Bharat bhai Dave and CHMG Founder President Shailesh Rajput.

The program included Maha Shivaratri puja led by Pujari ji Bharat bhai Dave, and joined by Chief Guest Bhailal Patel and  Lila Patel, Shailesh & Bela Rajput, Jagdish & Urvashi Thakkar, senior member Surekha, Vimal baa, and other members, sponsors, and supporters.

The event highlighted the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri, honoring Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. A Shubh Lagna Savdhan (auspicious wedding scenario) was conducted, showcasing the divine union of Shiva and Parvati.

The International Women’s Day program paid tribute to women, featuring speeches, performances, and recognitions dedicated to the empowerment and contributions of women.

From Left to right Mrunmayi Davare, Divya Prakashini, Rasika Bakhale, and Yashaswini Desai. PHOTO: CHMG

Devotional performances added to the spiritual ambiance, featuring talents like Shyma Ahuja, Bhadra ben Shah, Lila Patel, Suvagia, and others, the press release said.

International Women’s Day was marked by a speech from Yashaswini Desai of Hindu Women’s Network (HWN) and captivating performances showcasing the strength and spirit of women.

Hindu Womens Network’s (HWN) mission, “Shakti, Seva and Sadhana” aims to empower self and others, make social contributions, and bring about spiritual enlightenment.

“Our main goals are to invoke Matru-Shakti to instill self-esteem and self-respect, create Seva Bhavna and offer support to women and families in need, cultivate Hindu values and wisdom in daily living, and empower each other with positive purpose by sharing knowledge and expertise.  We promote Sanatan culture and practices,” HWN is quoted saying.

On the occasion of Mahashivratri, Manisha Athalye (Dance Visharad), Amruta Mate, Vaidehi Kulkarni, and her team presented Shiv Tandav Nritya performance, lyrics written by great Shiv devotee Raavana and Shiv Swarnamala Stuti, the press release noted.  Divya Prakashini, proponent of Kuchipudi dance, presented Shiva-ashtakam. Rasika Bakhale, Bharat Natyam performer, along with Mrunmayi Davare presented Shiv Shambho Swayambho.

The event concluded with a birthday and marriage anniversary celebration for CHMG group members, followed by aarti dedicated to Lord Shiva. The festivities continued with a performance by the Saraswati Singer Group, including Shaila Khedkar, Rashmi Shah, Mala Gulati, Hrushikesh Vora, Shvetang Dewashrryee, Harshad Shah, and Pradyuman Patel.

CHMG thanked all sponsors, supporters, donors, performers, and members for making the event a resounding success. The group looks forward to upcoming programs, including a movie watch, Holi celebration, tour to local Chicago temples, and a picnic, it said.

Sponsors, included Rupa Singh for providing samosas, Chirag Shah and Dynamic Home Care for event support, and Hanover Community Bank for their booth sponsorship.



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