Cash Advance Funding: Are You Eligible? A Guide for Small Business Owners

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Get Your NRS Cash Advance: See If You Qualify

Unexpected equipment failure slowing down sales? Need funds to stock up for the busy holiday season? Facing a temporary cash crunch that’s holding your business back? If you’re a small business owner in the retail sector, National Retail Solutions (NRS) cash advance funding is your lifeline when traditional loans aren’t an option. This unique form of funding offers fast cash in exchange for a small portion of your future sales — it’s not a traditional loan and could be the key to unlocking your business potential.

Think of a cash advance as a temporary bridge to money. When you need funds to cover an immediate need or to reach a specific goal, but traditional loans aren’t an option, a cash advance can help bridge the gap. It’s a way to get the working capital you need right now, empowering you to take care of those urgent matters and set your business up for continued success. Unlike a loan, a cash advance provides a lump sum in exchange for a portion of your future sales. Let’s explore if this funding solution is right for you.

Key Eligibility Requirements

At NRS Funding, we specialize in supporting independent retailers like bodegas, convenience stores, and more. To qualify for our cash advance program, your business should be active for at least 6 months. We look at your monthly deposit ranges to determine eligibility, typically requiring a minimum of $15,000 in average monthly deposits. Don’t worry if your credit score is less than perfect – we focus on your business performance, not just your credit history.

The Ideal Cash Advance Candidate

Cash advances are particularly helpful in situations where you need funds quickly. If you’re facing urgent expenses, like replacing a broken freezer, repairing a leaky roof, or purchasing high-demand ethnic food items for a local festival, a cash advance can help you cover those costs without disrupting your operations.

The NRS cash advance funding is also great for seizing growth opportunities, like expanding your product line or opening a new location. Seasonal businesses can use cash advances to prepare for busy periods or cover temporary cash shortages during slower months.

The Benefits of Meeting Eligibility

When you meet NRS Funding’s eligibility requirements, you unlock a world of benefits. Our cash advance program is designed for speed and simplicity. Once approved, you can get funded in as little as 24 hours. We don’t burden you with lengthy applications or complex paperwork.

You can use the funds for various business needs, from purchasing inventory to launching a marketing campaign. And because we focus on your business performance, a less-than-perfect credit score won’t automatically disqualify you.

How to Determine Your Eligibility

If your small retail business has been active for at least 6 months and averages $15,000 or more monthly deposits, you could be eligible for a cash advance from NRS Funding. This funding solution is designed to help business owners like you overcome financial hurdles and seize growth opportunities. With a simple application process, fast funding, and flexible use of funds, a cash advance could be the key to unlocking your business’s potential.

Ready to see if you qualify for a cash advance from NRS Funding? Visit our website to find a short form with just five questions. Fill it out, and one of our funding specialists will contact you to discuss your specific needs and provide a free quote.

Call us at (800) 212-1477 or email us at Our team is ready to guide you through the easy application process. Contact NRS Funding today to learn more about how we can support your success.



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