Carnatic singer Saketharaman honored in New Jersey

Calai Chandrasekharan, president of Tamil Sangam, presents the award to Carnatic singer Vidwan Saketharaman, at event in Flemington, NJ in mid-April, 2023. PHOTO: organizers

Carnatic music singer from Tamil Nadu Vidwan Saketharaman was conferred the Melody Maestro award by America Tamil Sangam following his fund-raising concert at Maha Periyava Mani Mantapam (temple for Sankaracharya) at Flemington, NJ, held mid-April, 2023. Saketharaman is the prime disciple of maestro Padmabushan Lalgudi Jayaraman. The concert was jointly arranged by Sanatana Dharma Foundation Inc and America Tamil Sangam.

Calai Chandrasekharan, president of the Sangam presented the award to Vidwan Saketharaman after the successful concert at the temple which is under construction.

Suri Subramanian president of the Foundation says the Mani Mantapam (memorial prayer hall) is being built in memory of Jagadguru His Holiness Shri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Maha Swami (20 May 1894 – 8 Jan 1994). He was also known as the Sage of Kanchi or Maha Periyava (meaning the great elder) and was the 68th Jagadguru Shankaracharya of the famed Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam formed by Adi Shankaracharya in Kanchipuram City in Tamil Nadu, a press release from organizers said.

Mahaperiyava started spreading his knowledge in spiritual journeys across the Indian hinterland. These included devotional practices and daily rituals such as performing various Poojas and recitations of the Vedas. He made simple practices for devotees to increase devotion, like chanting and writing the holy name of Rama. Devotees soon realized his greatness and labelled him a Jagadguru (the guru of the universe). People from various sub-castes and Abrahamic followers became his devotees, the press release said.



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