California Society of Anesthesiologists honors Dr. Narendra S. Trivedi with Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Narendra S. Trivedi being recognized with the Distinguished Service Award from California Society of Anesthesiologists June 6, 2021. Photo Videograb

Anesthesiologist Dr. Narendra S. Trivedi, who has had a storied career, spanning multiple decades across multiple continents, was recently recognized by the California Society of Anesthesiologists (CSA) with the Distinguished Service Award.

A tireless advocate for his profession with numerous contributions to the field, Dr. Trivedi received the award on June 6, 2021, according to a press release.

His impact on the practice of anesthesiology include — aarly and ground-breaking research, innovations and advanced technology developments, education and publication of scientific papers, consultation and mentorship, credentialing and government relations—all of which have significantly contributed to the preservation and evolution of Anesthesiology in the modern era, the press release said.

At the CSA, Dr. Trivedi enjoyed many ‘firsts’.

He was the first foreign medical graduate to become President of CSA; the first President Emeritus of the CSA; and now the first foreign medical graduate to receive the Distinguished Service award.

During his Presidency at CSA, his prime interest was to foster and facilitate innovative changes, growth and progress in anesthesiology, into 21st century medicine.

He continued this pursuit throughout his career, also at Kaiser Permanente, where he served as a Healthcare Innovations champion at SCPMG.

He also had the opportunity to share his experience and expertise by serving as a Physician Advisor for National Innovations and Advance Technology team for Kaiser Permanente, working closely with those at the Sidney Garfield Center for Innovations.

During the past 22 years of working for SCPMG, his many contributions were recognized with one of the Permanente’s highest honors, The PECA (Physician of Exceptional Contribution Award) award. He was also recognized by RCMA, awarding him with the Outstanding Contribution to Organized Medicine Award

Dr. Trivedi additionally took a great interest in the advancement of anesthesiology at the national level. He has served American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA) house of delegates for over 15 years.

He served on many important ASA committees such as (1) The committee on Innovations, (2) Future Models of Anesthesia Practice, (3) Governmental Affairs, (4) Practice Management, and more.

He has been heavily involved in governmental affairs and has been in close contact with national elected legislators, tirelessly working on behalf of the specialty by bringing to the forefront several important issues to enhance and improve quality of patient care and preserve quality of physician practice in Anesthesiology, the press release said.

Dr. Trivedi has also played an integral role in resident education – the foundation of anesthesiology. He mentored and taught anesthesiology residents at both the University of California, Irvine and University of Southern California, where he served as a Clinical Director and a Professor respectively.

Despite his professional commitments, Dr. Trivedi found time to be involved in many non-profit organizations, including Shanti Charities, where he has served as chairman of the board since 2006.

Outside work and activities, Dr. Trivedi enjoys spending time with his family, two sons Akash & Nick and wife Trupti. He loves travelling and exploring different parts of the world.

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