Bruhud New York Celebrate International Women’s Day


Bruhud New York Seniors celebrated International Women’s Day, on March 9, at Vaishnav Temple, in New York City.

“Women who have imprinted the first step of generation to come with their accomplishment as distinguished delegates and female leaders of our community include all walks of life,” said Bruhud New York Seniors, in a statement.

Talks at the meet included thoughts on how discipline, power of thought, social work, and politics, among others, can work in their own way for changing the face of society.

Invited attendees included Gopi Udeshi, Dr. Dipika Doctor, Dr. Vasundhara, Dr. Nalini Parikh, Dr. Sheetal Desai, Kamini Shah, Hema Shah, Padma Mehta, Rekha Trivedi, Shimul Shah, and Manjari Parikh

Some guests, including Daksha Patel, Dr. Kunjbala Shah, Dr. Vidya Patel, Dr. Vasundhara Kalaspudi, Amita Amin, Padma Mehta and Rekha Trivedi, were felicitated at the meet with a certificate of acknowledgement for their community service.

Bruhud also received a proclamation from the New York state Governor and also a message from the New York City Mayor.

The meet included a raffle and dinner.



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