Broadway in Chicago


Chicago is the best city in the world. Besides having the best pizza, some of the most storied architecture, and a fascinating history, it is also a hub of cultural appreciation.

Broadway in Chicago has a perfect mix of shows that will entertain theatregoers of every age. Their theatres range from large and glitzy to smaller and artsier, and they boast prices sure to fit all budgets. Their offerings are great to make a date extra special, or to add a little extra oomph to family-fun day in the city. Their current offerings include such as classics as Hamilton, Cinderella, and Dirty Dancing. This is THE place to get the best of Broadway in the best city in the world.

The Lookingglass Theatre, founded by David Schwimmer of Friends fame, is a theatre unlike one you’ve ever seen before. Their blackbox style means that the entire theatre has a completely different feel with every new show. Besides playing titles that were developed exclusively for this theatre (Mr. and Mrs. Pennyworth), they also play such recognizable shows as Moby Dick. For each of their shows, you will be thoroughly immersed into the world of the characters, emoting as you have never been before. After the show, head over to the Ghirardelli store for dessert or some light shopping at the Water Tower Place. Their latest show, Plantation! is a uniquely “fun-comfortable” experience unlike any other.

No discussion of theatre is complete without the Bard, however; the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre is a true testament to the greatest playwright in known history. Located on Navy Pier, this theatre is nestled between Lake Michigan and such unique attractions as the Crystal Gardens and the Chicago Children’s Museum. With multiple stages, this theatre has the flexibility to perform all of Shakespeare’s work they way it was meant to be enjoyed – with the actors running between the audience, and the stage so close you can reach out and touch it. You truly feel like you’re a part of the performance at every show.



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