Bravehearts is good effort towards a National cause

Shakti Kapoor as Masterji in the first episode of the Dice Media anthology, Bravehearts. Photo: Adfactors

This is a decent watch as per the two episodes already released on YouTube. Bravehearts chronicles stories about the army and in the final frames, if not before, also guides the viewer who may be interested in joining our armed forces.

The first story, Masterji, details how Mazhar Alam (Shakti Kapoor) is a tailor whose father wanted to make him a soldier. Mazhar joins the army, but out of fear, soon runs away and dares not come home. One day, remorse hits him and he returns to apologize to his father, but finds he has passed away. Mazhar is overwhelmed by guilt and grief, and tries to make amends by stitching clothes for the armed forces.

An army major (Sayandeep Sengupta)who is his client, asks him to adopt an orphan, Kishore (Omkar Kulkarni), who wants to join the forces too. What happens next?

The second story, Jaldi Lautna Captain, talks of the chasm in being a soldier and a soldier’s wife. Vibha (Anushka Kaushik) is shattered after the death in action of her husband, Vikrant (Varun Tewari). Her husband has once said to her, “You are the strongest woman I know!” and Vibha decides to live up to that. How does she do it?

On the way are stories, as seen in the trailer, of a village boy who is brilliant at shooting, a young man who is a soldier’s rebellious son, and another story about a soldier’s daughter that will release soon.

While Masterji is flawlessly filmed, with the streetsmart kids’ tendency to break windows while playing cricket added as a lovely humorous touch, Jaldi Lautna Captain feels a shade too long-drawn and plodding. The emotions too tend to go over-the-top and the breaks into flashback, though necessary, act as jerky speed-breakers in the way they are placed and handled.

Nevertheless, what we get to see (the length of each episode is less than 30 minutes) is a decent watch with its heart in the right place. I am not privy to whether these stories are real, inspired from true incidents or complete fiction, but whatever the fact is, they have a common and much-needed goal—to act as incentives to youngsters to join the Armed Forces.

The music is neat, though in Jaldi Lautna… it is a shade overdone and disturbing for the wrong reasons. Technically neat, we have some good performances from the lead cast and supporting artistes. From the two episodes I watched, Shakti Kapoor as Masterji steals the show with his restrained and mature performance as the tailor with a past. Omkar Kulkarni too is excellent as the orphan.

Rating: ***

Dice Media & Unacademy present Bravehearts—The Untold Story of Heroes  Produced by: Aditi Shrivastava, Aswhin Suresh & Anirudh Pandita  Directed by:Happie Mongia Written by: Sanklap Raj Tripathi & Sehaj Kaur Mains Music: Kartik Rao, Sanjoy Dazz & Anirban Das  Starring:Shakti Kapoor, Omkar Kulkarni, Sayandeep Sengupta, Anushka Kaushik, Varun Tewari & others



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