BJP to arrange 50,000 darshan of Ram Mandir daily after consecration till March 25

BJP flags. Representative image. PHOTO: ANI

New Delhi, January 2: As the day for the Shri Ram consecration at Ram Mandir, Ayodhya is near, BJP plans to celebrate it at a grand level by connecting every devotee to the ceremony.

In a meeting Jan. 2, 2024, held in BJP Headquarters, Delhi, BJP national president JP Nadda asked BJP workers to help every person have Ram Mandir Darshan.

While addressing the meeting, Nadda said, “BJP workers need to create a Diwali-like atmosphere in the country on January 22, Shri Ram Lala consecration day at Ram Mandir, Ayodhya.

As per the source, “Nadda said workers are adhering to help everyone who is coming to Ayodhya for Darshan. No one should be inconvenienced. Darshan has to be done without discrimination”.

BJP will also run a campaign from 25 January to 25 March. BJP workers will arrange 50,000 Darshan daily through this campaign. Nadda said people will visit Ram mandir at their own expense. BJP will help with the arrangement of stay and others.

Around 35 trains will be run from 430 cities to Ayodhya daily.
“Convenor has been appointed at state, Lok Sabha and Assembly levels. People willing to visit Ram temple will not use BJP flag, president specified,” sources said.

Meanwhile, the BJP, in its meeting also decided on a new slogan, ‘Teesri baar Modi Sarkar, ab ki baar 400 paar’ for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, party sources said.
“BJP has decided a slogan for the upcoming election: “Teesri baar Modi Sarkar, ab ki baar 400 paar’. BJP has set a target to win 400 plus seats in 2024 Lok Sabha polls,” a senior party source said.

According to a party functionary, the BJP has also decided convenors and co-convenors at the State Assembly and Lok Sabha levels.

“BJP has also decided convenors and co-convenors at the state, Lok Sabha and assembly levels. “Shortly, the visits of the Prime Minister, Home Minister, Defence Minister and BJP President JP Nadda will begin in Lok Sabha clusters,” sources said.
About 150 party functionaries were present at the meeting.



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