Bihar Jharkhand Association thanks Ramesh And Kalpana Bhatia Family Foundation for $150,000 donation

Ramesh and Kalpana Bhatia of the Ramesh and Kalpana Bhatia Family Foundation donated $150,000 to the Bihar Jharkhand Association of North America, BJANA. Photo: courtesy BJANA.

The Ramesh and Kalpana Bhatia Family Foundation recently donated $150,000 to the Bihar Jharkhand Association of North America toward helping implement healthcare projects in Bihar.

According to a press release from BJANA, Bhatia has deep connections to Bihar and wanted to give back to the community and to his motherland, and made the generous donation when he saw the recent work done by the BJANA team.

The Ramesh and Kalpana Bhatia Family Foundation, a non-profit which works in various fields like health, education, human rights, and women empowerment, has donated $8 million to over 40 non-profits, the press release said.

Doctors of the PRAN-BJANA clinic administering care to patients in Bihar. Photo: BJANA

The Bihar-Jharkhand Association of North America (BJANA), founded in 1976, has undertaken charitable work for the people in the U.S. and India, working at the grassroots in healthcare, education, disaster relief (Covid pandemic), and on various socio-economic issues, including promoting the cultural heritage of India, the organization said.

Recently, BJANA was able to donate $ 100,000 to a new initiative PRAN-BJANA clinic —

Pravasi Alumni Nisshulk (PRAN), an initiative by like-minded Indian-American physicians to provide healthcare to help underprivileged and underserved in Bihar and Jharkhand.  “With help of Mr. Ramesh and Kalpana Bhatia, we will (be) able to deliver the healthcare service to all the underprivileged (in) one community back home,” the press release said.

“It had been a longtime dream of BJANA to make a significant contribution for the health care of the needy in Bihar and Jharkhand (and leave a legacy). With the generous donation of Ramesh and Kalpana Bhatia this became possible,” President BJANA Dr. Avinash Gupta is quoted saying in the press release.

Alok Kumar former Federation of Indian Associations president said, “This kind of donation makes us feel so proud of ourselves that people like  Mr. Ramesh Bhatia came from NIT, Patna, and made an empire not only for himself but he wanted to share his wealth with needy one.  On the great occasion of Holi to bring happiness in everyone’s life. It is a great privilege to connect with Mr. Bhatia and he is so humble. His policy is  very simple that provides help who are in real need. We wanted to thank him.”

The PRAN Medical Group Executive Committee, including Drs. Geeta / Avinash Gupta and Drs. Ratna / Dinesh Ranjan expressed gratitude to the Ramesh and Kalpana Bhatia Family Foundation.

Vinay Singh Past president who initiated the initial conversation with Ramesh Bhatia in 2019 recalled how Bhatia was looking for the right project that he could support.

Other past and present leaders of BJANA also expressed their gratitude to the Bhatias.




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