Barkha Singh adapts to diverse characters

Barkha Singh and Abhishek Banerjee in The Great Weddings of Munnes. Photo: Voot Select

Barkha Singh has been receiving praise for adapting to diverse avatars in different projects. Be it as the whimsical Antara in Subhash Ghai’s 36 Farmhouse or as Aisha in Netflix’s Masaba Masaba 2 which got her wide appreciation from the audiences. Keeping her fans on the hook, Barkha will be seen amusing them yet again with her character Maahi in Voot Select’s The Great Weddings of Munnes.

Recently the makers dropped the trailer of the show, which looks quirky and. viewers are looking at the chemistry between Barkha and Abhishek Banerjee on-screen. Says Barkha, “I was cast through Casting Bay, so Abhishek and I have never met before this. The first time I met him was in Mathura for this show because they had already started shooting. I joined the schedule a little later, and it was an absolute blast. We got along very well, better than I expected. We had a lot of give and take as actors because he is also someone who loves last-minute improvisations and I absolutely enjoyed it! We became great friends through the schedule.”

Barkha added, “We both like having fun with the scene as actors and like to explore more than what is written in the script. Certain suggestions get shot down and certain suggestions are also taken. Working with Abhishek was a lot of fun and we played off each other’s energy and I hope that it also translates in the show.”




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