BAPS Charities holds numerous blood drives across North America

BAPS blood drive in Chicago, October 2022. Photo: BAPS Charities

BAPS Charities, a registered non-profit, held a record-breaking 100 blood drives across North America in partnership with local blood banks.

These drives helped collect 4,000 pints of blood to potentially save 12,000 lives (one pint can save up to three lives), BAPS Charities said in an Oct. 16, 2022, press release.

The 100 blood donation drives were organized to commemorate the Centennial Celebrations of BAPS’ religious leader, His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj.

The campaign came at a time of the worst blood shortage crisis in over a decade due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Hurricane Ian, the organization said, and responded to a Red Cross call-to-action.

BAPS Charities in San Antonio, TX in August 2022. Photo: BAPS Charities

“The blood collected today will go a long way towards replenishing blood supplies and, ultimately, saving lives. With the 145 units we collected, up to 435 lives may be saved. Amazing!” Anna Feltham, account manager, American Red Cross Blood Services in Chicago, IL, is quoted saying in the press release.

New York_blooddrive of February 2022 conducted by BAPS Charities. Photo: BAPS Charities

“BAPS Charities has been organizing blood drives for years, but I think this year is a record attempt by thousands of donors to save lives,” said Nilkanth Patel, president, BAPS Charities. “Our past campaigns helped save 44,000 lives, and with this year’s campaign, we have helped save another 22,500 lives.”

National Coordinator of Medical Services at BAPS, Dr. Subhash Patel thanked all those who came forward.

The blood donation drives were conducted at various health fairs, bone marrow and blood drives, walkathons, and disaster relief operations.



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