Association of South Asian Real Estate Professionals hosts special event in Des Plaines, IL

Special guests and members of the Association of South Asian Real Estate
Professionals (ASARP) at a recent event in Des Plaines, IL. Photo Credit : Pradeep Shukla, Chairman, ASARP

Chairman and Founding Member Praedeep B. Shukla of the Association of South Asian Real Estate Professionals (ASARP) assured a large gathering of real estate professionals that the predicted recession in the U.S. would not affect the real estate business adversely. Shukla was speaking in Des Plaines, IL, at a recent special skills training event ‘Selling through Gratitude’.

Newly formed ASARP is separate from the National Association of Realtors which was formed in 1908 which places all Asian realtors under the category of Asians. ASARP has been formed with a view to recognize the valuable contribution of South Asian real estate professionals.

The event was thrown open by ASARP President Shirin Marvi who welcomed the gathering and gave general information about the activities of ASARP. She said that the organization had acquired good representation with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations (IDFPR), which recognized ASARP as a vibrant evolving force in its first online publication.

Speaking about the growing role of South Asians in public life, Shukla said, ‘The value, impact and recognition of South Asians in general, and South Asian real estate professionals specifically, is increasing in US rapidly and significantly’.

A positive attitude and pleasant manner were important in the profession, Shukla said, quoting well known psychologist William James who had said, “The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitude.”

He stated how important it was for real estate professionals to undertake proper tax and estate planning before going into detail over both topics. Explaining how to claim rental real estate losses as ‘non-passive’ losses while satisfying IRS requirements, Shukla also listed out ways to avoid the need of probate through various options such as creating joint tenancy, arranging for life time gifts or transfers, and creation of living trusts and acquiring life insurance.

Keynote speaker, well known author, trainer and motivational speaker Gopi Nair, emphasized the need for daily gratitude as a good business practice to create a sense of trust and goodwill among the clients. If one’s daily routine begins with expressing gratitude to god, family, associates and clients, it will bring peace of mind and newer and better business opportunities, Nair said.

Executive Senior Member of Main Street Real Estate Group, Chicago, Kate Sax, assured the South Asian community of her organization’s support. Sax handles the departments of education, professionalism and strategic management issues at her organization.

ASARP’s senior director and advisor, Bhailal Patel, thanked directors Rajesh Patel, Sunita Kakarlapudi, Nick Verma, Vasanti Bhatt, Sunil Shah and Kantibhai Patel for their contributions to making the event a success.

Special guests included attorney directors Al Haroon Hussain and Paul Chawala who were recognized at the event. Other important guests were Nick Verma of the youth wing, Illinois Cricket Association and Chicago IT services, and Phani Krishnan, of the American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA). The event concluded with a vote of thanks for the enthusiastic participation from Harsha Shukla.



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