Aspiring model found dead in home of Indian American doctor

Olya Langille (Courtesy: Twitter)

The body of Olya Langille, 18, who was aspiring to become a model, was found on the bed in the apartment of Indian American emergency room doctor Naval Parikh, 41, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

According to police, Parikh and Langille had a few drinks together at a sports bar on March 25, after which they headed over to Parikh’s apartment to “snort cocaine, smoke marijuana and have consensual sex,” according to NBC Miami.

They fell asleep and Parikh ended up moving to the sofa in the living room.

He told police that he could hear Langille snoring at 3 a.m. but found her unresponsive when he went to wake her up six hours later, after which he called 911.

According to the Daily Mail, the police officer who arrived at the scene found “several small zip-lock bags” which he suspected were full of “cocaine and/or heroin” as well as a “suspected drug pipe” inside the nightstand.

Naval Parikh (Courtesy: Tumblr)

An autopsy later declared Langille’s cause of death as a drug overdose and police found no evidence that Parikh actually murdered her.

But Langille’s friends and family disagree.

According to the Daily Mail, a message posted on Langille’s Facebook account read: “For anyone who has any messages with Olya the day she passed or the days before please personal message me,” and claimed that “the so called ‘consensual sex’ was not consensual and for anyone who has messages of her asking for help please send them along with any other information. As well as who else was at the party. Thank you.”

Langille had moved down to South Florida to work on yachts with her mom’s friend Leslie Maxson, who found it unbelievable that she had died in the home of a doctor.

“He had the responsibility to take care of her and make sure she was okay,” she told the Daily Mail.

Parikh continued to work at Broward Health North until March 26 and his patients received “alternative coverage” after the hospital found out about the incident.



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