Armaan Malik’s latest track ‘You’ crosses 2 billion views in 5 days

Armaan Malik’s new track You has broken records. Photo: Sony Music India & Moj / Courtesy: Think Ink Communications

Soulful, versatile and a trendsetter are some of the words used by fans for singer Armaan Malik. The blue-eyed boy is not just a fan favorite but as a singer-songwriter has broken records with his latest track “You” topping charts. Making sure his fans have something new to look forward to with each song, Armaan also launched the song on the short video app, Moj. The song clocked a whopping 2.2 billion-plus plays on the app—a number reached in mere 5 days on the digital medium.

Armaan tweeted, “Okay this is crazy! Just woke up to see that there are 238 Million+ plays on the #ThinkAboutYou challenge on the @mojappofficial. Go participate in this challenge right away! I can’t wait to see what YOU do with it.” To participate in the challenge, users need to create a video expressing their love to their close ones, using Armaan’s song and hashtag #ThinkAboutYou.

The singer added, “I thoroughly enjoy interacting with my fans, and I love how short form video apps like Moj allow for more of these opportunities! With my latest track “You”, we have tried our best to keep the lyrics really relatable in a manner where you could think about your person, your friend, your significant other, your pet or literally anyone you love and have on your mind. It’s heartwarming to see how people are reacting to #ThinkAboutYou. If anything, I feel closer to my fans and their feelings, and that’s really special to me.”

Sr. director, Content Strategy & Operations at ShareChat, Shashank Shekhar, said, “We are constantly on the lookout for newer avenues to build and strengthen the creative force on a national front. The increasing popularity of short video content runs parallel to the rise of innovative collaborations. Armaan’s #ThinkAboutYou is a creative marvel and we are glad to have been a part of this song’s journey.”

Moj has managed to set a benchmark in the industry. Not only are they giving wings to digital enthusiasts but are looking for innovative ways to inspire them as well – be it through exciting challenges or giving fans exclusive access to their favorite celebrities’ lives.

Music is an important part of our culture that connects us to each other – be it by dancing to the music, singing or just celebrating. Moj is rapidly evolving into a hybrid arena where businesses are trying to discover fresh talent as well as stimulate established ones. The platform’s exclusive release of Sonakshi Sinha’s “Mil Mahiya” unlocked a new horizon by crossing 3.6 billion video plays on the app itself. With the addition of #ThinkAboutYou, Moj continues to fortify its musical vertical and promises to seamlessly bring the digital world to life to curate an unbiased social experiential ecosystem.



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